By frame - 20/03/2009 15:08 - Canada

Today, I was walking my husky when she saw a cat and bolted toward it. I couldn't let go of the leash because my hand was tangled up. Forced to run along, I ran into a parked van at full sprint. I lost my dog, broke two ribs and have to pay for the dent in the van. FML
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that's really sad and i hope you find your dog!

I think this is the sign you gotta hit the weight room. Either way yea thats pretty messed up.


I think this is the sign you gotta hit the weight room. Either way yea thats pretty messed up.

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well, yeah and huskies are ment to pull slot of wait. huskies can pully over 250lbs

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what would letting go of leash do?

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Are you some sort of ******* retard? If he let go of the leash he wouldn't have gotten dragged on by the dog. Which means no broken ribs, and no car damage payment.

No really are you retarded? It's not like theres a $500+ husky on the leash or anything... :|

It would've prevented two broken ribs and paying for damage on the van. Durrr...

Her hand was tangled in the leash for one... And if she had the chance to let go, it would've prevented 2 of the things 3 she stated.

that's really sad and i hope you find your dog!

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I'm pretty sure if you were to hold your ground your dog couldn't have pulled you too much. Unless you're a 90 pound person, in which case you probably couldn't have helped this situation. Broken ribs suck either way.

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get some muscles kid! sheesh

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it's a husky, they can drag along much greater weights than just the mass of one person!

Yes they can drag greater weight...which is why op should not just lay down on the ground and hope the dog can't drag her. Humans theoretically have muscles. It's like those strong-man competitions where guys drag large trucks; how many of them do you think could move the same truck if it was turned on and gunning it the other way? That said, I'm sorry for op. I love big dogs, but they can be a handful, particularly if they catch you by surprise. You shouldn't take a dog in public that you can't reliably control through either strength or the dog's training though. And modern cars dent way to easily. And broken ribs suck. And I hope the cat's ok.

Well don't own a dog you can't handle ffs. What if he suddenly decided to go after a funny smelling kid or smth?

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#2, she would let go of the leash so she wouldn't be forced to run with her dog... Although #4 has a point... dogs are pretty strong, but most people are able to hold them back somewhat unless the person is small, or the dog is HUGE. So... if you hit the van, doesn't that mean your dog ran into it too? I mean your dog was guiding you right? Hm... maybe I just can't picture it

maybe thedog just went round a corner and she cdnt do a sharp enough turn? idk