By himtopia19 - / Tuesday 3 March 2009 00:09 / United States
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By  d347hm4n  |  0

If you come across an animal blocking your path on the road, then just run it over, that is what they tell you to do on your driving test. Unless it's a horse >.<

By  d347hm4n  |  0

If you come across an animal blocking your path on the road, then just run it over, that is what they tell you to do on your driving test. Unless it's a horse >.<

  MrBond007_fml  |  6

don't say that, one time while I was driving at night when a black plastic bag was pushed by the wind right under the car, and my headlights made it look like it had eyes. I slammed on the brakes, but luckily there was no one behind me.

By  0___0  |  9

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Are you fucking crazy? How the hell do you value animal life more than human life. When another human being dies, that's some psychological shit that the family has to go through.

  MrsHumanFrog  |  19

If I'm ever behind you and my kids are in the car when you pull that bs, You'd better start praying to whomever you believe in. Tell him/her you'll be there soon.

By  csigabajnok  |  0

#2 Have you ever driven a car at night? If yes then you must surely know it's rather difficult to see and when something jumps in front of you you don't really have time to ponder on the differences between a plastic bag and a wolverine. If not, then you really have no reason to talk to him like that. BTW, I would've ran over it too, maybe slowing down a little, coz I'd figure it's better to smash some stray dog than get smashed by the truck behind me.

By  slyvanilla_creme  |  0

i saw roadkill before and swerved...it was already dead but it freaked me out and i hit the car next to me. paid for the damages...that was truly an fml, but i wasn't a member of this site yet. so hope that made you feel better...

By  MelancholyArtist  |  0

#3- i seriously hope you're kidding. maybe if your mom or significant other died from swerving from a rodent you'd feel differently. my cousin died at 15 because the driver in the car he was in swerved from an animal. have some common sense. there will always be more animals. doesn't work the other way around.

By  suckerz  |  0

the other driver should have kept the distance... totally not your fault... and #1 yes they do say that but I would never do that either... that's just insane

By  Assassin4than  |  0

Good work mate, swerving even if it is a plastic bag, that is just common sense and to melancholyartist thats cruel to say maybe if your mum or significant other died.... why should himtopia19 run the animal over, there might be more animals but they also have cousins which died in accidents so dont be so selfish because those cousins that died in the accidents dont have their own cars to go around killing people

By  MelancholyArtist  |  0

they're animals for christ sake. i'm not saying go on a killing spree and mow them all over. but i am saying that a humans life is much more important. i used the mom/significant other for perspective. given the choice of the two: save the animal, or save a human...which one would you chose? to me, there's no choice at all. i can always find another squirrel. but there is only ONE of my mom.


Honestly, how are people trying to argue with you? You are completely right! It's almost like you're the only one with sense here. All these hippies claiming that they would rather kill a human that a vermin are crazy!

  BlueMedusa  |  21

Honestly, wtf. Humans are more valuable? I'm sorry, but who's destroying the Earth? Overpopulating? Polluting? Taking up space and cutting down forests?

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