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  WritingWrongs  |  8

I knew it. It just had to be done, didn't it? I knew someone was going to say it, the OP knew someone was going to say it, whoever is thumbing me down right now knew someone was going to say it. That damn pedo-bear meme... Creepy as hell.

  sheethapins  |  13

~Holds out Rupert~ Ok, now let's see here. He touched him there... There... Here.... Oh god Rupert say it isn't so! Looks like he touched him ~sniffles~ there too. Rupert we don't have to talk about it until you're ready...

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

What I can tell you is that this is the third comment in a couple of weeks of a brother violating an expensive lotion bottle, donut and now a teddy bear. Are they all getting the same ideas from these FML posts?

By  manshack  |  8

My brother's friend did that to my teddy bear too. Except I didn't catch him in the act, I found out when I held a black light up to the mysterious hole that was cut in my bear -__-

  noncom  |  12


You do realize that holding a blacklight up to something will not show semen on it, right? And I don't think your brothers friend would risk getting caught just so he could fuck an old teddy bear.

  geko911  |  22

74- it was a joke if you hadn't noticed. Where is this world going if we need to write "(this was a joke/pun)" after each joke/pun we write on the Internet. 74, you need to find your long lost friend called humour.

  perdix  |  29

Yes, there is a way. Think of your mom shaving your dad's balls. That will easily obliterate the brother-fucking-the-teddy-bear image.

Warning: the cure may be worse than the disease.