What a massive clock

By Rhianna - 22/11/2009 04:05 - Australia

Today, I was babysitting my younger brother while my parents were away. I turned my back on my brother for one minute and then I heard a huge crash from their room. He had somehow destroyed a family heirloom and 200 year-old clock. FML
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The door should've been shut, perhaps even locked. BTW, your brother's an idiot.


That sounds like a lot of damage for one minute ... if you're going to babysit at least keep on eye on the kid, YDI.

It says she turned her back for a minute. Kids are fast!

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um do you have kids? kids are quick.

Yes, #1, he should stay right next to the kid the whole time he's watching him, he should go to the bathroom with him so he doesn't flush himself down the toilet and maybe even seep on him in his bed so he doesn't sneak out.

Well if the kid is immature enough to have the poor judgement to break things in his parents' room, the older sister should at least shoot him a glance every 15-20 seconds. I know a minute seems like a short time... but it's a long time to have your back turned on a kid that needs supervision so badly.

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The door should've been shut, perhaps even locked. BTW, your brother's an idiot.

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Over 90% of children mentioned on this site should've been abortions, your brother is one of them.

Your a bitch, no one should be an abortion. "What?! You ripped my new shirt?! You should've been aborted!" Seriously? That's sad.....


FYL. Kids are so damn stupid. I was an EXTREMELY curious child, and even if I did touch things, I never came close to breaking them. I was very careful with them and held them a few inches above the surface they sat on in case I DID happen to drop them, in which case they would land back onto surface without being damaged too much. If it was a huge crash, the heirloom and/or clock must have been pretty big. What kind of dumbass do you have to be to screw around with big, expensive objects, and knock them over? What the hell do your parents think - didn't they ever teach him not to play with things like that? If I ever had a kid, and if that kid went into MY room and did that, I'd kick their ass!


What the ****. My last comment is directed at the OP. I was going to type something in response to #12's comment, but then decided I've been posting too much on FML and refreshed the page and only make one comment, hoping the stupid comment wouldn't be in response to #12 anymore. Piece of crap thing! D:

Well, there's always the handy dandy cancel button.

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It's their fault for having expensive things in their house with a young curious child. I was a very well behaved kid but I still ended up breaking orniments and such, so they deserve it..

They deserve to have their belongings destroyed because they didn't get rid of it all as soon as they had a child?

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Yes. If you are having children expect everything to be breakable. Especially if you are leaving them home without you.