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  stonedfly3  |  15

#24/42 (there's something in the reversal of numbers you've been assigned here...), I am aware of a TV show called supernatural. I haven't been hiding under a rock for 10 years. The quote, however, is clearly from The Exorcist, which pre-dates supernatural by around 30 odd years. >.<
Hence why you clearly did not get it.

  Senorangelo  |  10

#100 may be out of topic, you know, but knowing about all the TV shows can actually mean maybe not that one was hiding under a rock; instead sitting in front of a box for the past 10 years. P. S. Constantine is a new TV show on the topic.

  devildog562  |  33

I can't believe I'm saying this ,but a stonedfly was the only comment here that was relevant. It was the original one that came to mind as soon as I read this.

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

Oh my word! Hell hamster. Guess that's what you could call mine too. He has huge teeth, one red eye and one black. And atleast once a day, he would run around and jump on things going "EAAAK SWEAK EAA EAAAK."
All twitchy like.