By lexigan4 - 29/10/2014 19:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I walked in on my little brother making a Devil's trap so he could capture the demon he thinks is possessing my hamster. FML
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If it doesn't work, you may be looking at a ghost possession.

No more supernatural from now on. lol


If it doesn't work, you may be looking at a ghost possession.

rocker_chick23 27

He should get the salt just in case.

Aadavis94 25

Salt. Holy water. Borax. Silver. Just grab the whole trunk. You never know what it's gonna be.

its the Jefferson Starships!

If it happens again it would be repossession.

Try everything, just to be sure

59, that would not be a good thing

Sam the circle is broken!!!

The power of Christ compels him !

Someone's been watching to much Supernatural!

Let me get that for you... The Exorcist*

#37 there's also a TV show called supernatural where they import demons back to hell and all crazy adventures!

#24 There is no such thing as too much Supernatural.

No such thing as "too much" supernatural!

#24/42 (there's something in the reversal of numbers you've been assigned here...), I am aware of a TV show called supernatural. I haven't been hiding under a rock for 10 years. The quote, however, is clearly from The Exorcist, which pre-dates supernatural by around 30 odd years. >.< Hence why you clearly did not get it.

#100 may be out of topic, you know, but knowing about all the TV shows can actually mean maybe not that one was hiding under a rock; instead sitting in front of a box for the past 10 years. P. S. Constantine is a new TV show on the topic.

I can't believe I'm saying this ,but a stonedfly was the only comment here that was relevant. It was the original one that came to mind as soon as I read this.

Does it? Does it really?

I'm more worried about your brother than I am your hamster..

he's been watching too much supernatural.

We corrupt early

At least he didn't walk in on his little brother wanking as I once did

sdlr32787 18

yea he's a she so...

sdlr32787 18

Hell hamster!!!!

Oh my word! Hell hamster. Guess that's what you could call mine too. He has huge teeth, one red eye and one black. And atleast once a day, he would run around and jump on things going "EAAAK SWEAK EAA EAAAK." All twitchy like.

sdlr32787 18

lmao "all twitchy like" sounds more like a crack hamster

"Hell Hamster".... hmm... Sounds like a rock band.

Do your parents know about this?

Probably time to find a new brother.

mif_fml 27

Yea because that's easy to do and not overreacting at all.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I don't know... Now that I think about it, there could be demand in giving away new siblings.

Obviously I was being completely serious (sarcasm, I'll say that now since you couldn't see it before)

Or maybe an exorcist?

No more supernatural from now on. lol

supernatural is awesome

JayDay_123 18

Haha, agreed.

Supernatural seems like the only cause.

Somebody's been watching too much Supernatural!

You can never watch too much supernatural.

I know that, but for the sake of the FML i was making a joke.

What does a Devil's trap look like exactly?

mif_fml 27

You know what the small plank with glue on it to catch bugs looks like? Exactly like that but the size of a carpet.

rocker_chick23 27

Tell him Castiel already made the demon leave your hamster.