It's just a prank, bro!

By HOPE YOU GET PEGGED - 21/10/2012 23:00 - Canada - Hinton

Today, my mom hosted a high-school reunion. I had to prepare dessert, while my brother cooked dinner. Being the absolute dickhead that he is, he switched the sugar with salt. All the desserts I made tasted like shit, everyone left, and I got grounded for my supposed prank. FML
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Ah, but you changed your comment. Don't worry I won't tell ;)

Hmm...a guy promoting nut shots that's almost new

JulietRose 10

That's going too far. My brothers do some really inconsiderate stuff. There's really not much you can do about it. Revenge doesn't solve anything. But sometimes it's necessary.

Is violence really the answer? Just do what I do, when my brother does something horrible, and siphon most of the gas out of his car. Simple as that.

BusinessTurtle 8

Violence is always an answer. It may not always be the right one but it is still an answer nonetheless.

I don't know if kicking him in the balls is the right answer. Your life isn't over so why inflict so much pain?

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Violence is always the answer!

KiddNYC1O 20

He'd probably hi-5 him, with his twisted sense of humor.

Inheritance 10

Or that it didn't end up the Hangover Part 3..

Put hair removal cream in his hair gel. That'll give him a good laugh

Hiimhaileypotter 52

First of all, no need to be condescending about it when you can't punctuate properly. Secondly, why would "OP feel really silly" if her brother is bald?

^ Because her spiking his shampoo with hair removal cream would be pretty ******* stupid if he's already bald, therefore she'd feel silly. I admire your commitment to pretending you have no reading comprehension skills, but it's making you look a little slow by this point.

If he was bald he wouldnt have shampoo, now would he?

Haha it was only a suggestion. I am evil enough that I would do that to my twin brother no matter how silly it made him look

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I was confused because "Penguin Bitch" used two different tenses in their comment, which made me read it really weird. Then I didn't understand why OP would feel silly if she tried to put hair removal in her brother's shampoo, when if he was bald she wouldn't attempt it in the first place because he'd have no hair to remove.

#32 and #35, it's basic scalp hygiene, even if you're totally bald. May sound weird, but it's true, most bald guys use shampoo. Look it up.

^ good for you for knowing how bald men cleanse. Would you like an award?

No, I'd like a pointless, unprovoked, and snarky comment directed at someone who's clearing up a misconception... ... oh.

41 and 38- Girls, girls, you're both pretty, chill out.

tootsie68 22

Does he even know how to cook?? Why didn't u taste test??

I know I would have done a taste test of the sugar. I seem to eat it when I am using it in something.

I think anyone that enjoys cooking daily taste tests their food, especially if they are doing from the seat of their pants... Your bro is a dick, but it kinda sucks for you because he got it past you and you didn't catch it.

Sounds like someone can't cook worth a shit, and blames her brother. Spend some more time in the kitchen sweetheart!

I never really saw how hard it was to confuse salt with sugar, but that's just me.

dryersheet 11

Exactly what I was gonna say. They are definitely easy to tell apart.

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What an asshole. Get him back.


I want to know why your mom is making the kids do all the work.

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Maybe she had other things to worry about? I think it's kind of the least they could do.

naughtylez82 4

How is their responsibility when it was obviously their moms event? Your a dumb ass

peachesncreem 21

I don't think the kids are "doing all the work". A lot of work goes into organizing and hosting a party. And, if the kids are old enough, why not get them to pitch in?

And you are obviously still a teenager.

SenselessPattern 12

Everytime someone calls someone a dumbass on this site, they say "Your a dumbass". Way to waste YOUR time making insults YOU'RE obviously not qualified to make.

Damn everyone left and getting grounded that's adding salt to the wound.