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Today, I was talking to my girlfriend about extinct peoples, and I said how close the Jewish people came to becoming one. She condescendingly told me they don't exist anymore. When I asked what she was talking about, I realized she was confusing them with the Vikings. What the hell? FML
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What the hell indeed! I don't know, their light white skin, thick accents, and their ability on horses are easy to confuse... Wait... Never mind. I'm thinking about Prussians.

She might be on to something. I've never heard of a Jewish Viking.


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Because he questioned her on it. Derp. Edit RE your edit: I guess you figured out how stupid your question was. Smart man.

She probably started rambling on about Leif Ericson and OP realized from that. Edit: Damn! I spoke too late.

1-god bless her alright. She desperately needs it.

Psh. If she's got some cash, Xenu will bless her.

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I had asked how OP had come to the conclusion that she was referring to the Vikings. I skipped over the "asked what she was talking about" part by accident and edited accordingly when I noticed. Apologies.

What the hell indeed! I don't know, their light white skin, thick accents, and their ability on horses are easy to confuse... Wait... Never mind. I'm thinking about Prussians.

You can do what Jewish, but don't go Norsin' around!

My ancestors come from Prussia, and I'm very white.

Prussia is modern Germany mostly, and a bit of the other countries bordering it.

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Wow looks like your girlfriend needs a history lesson.

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Show her the movie about Anne Frank and see if she still think Jews are Vikings.

Jew really think she knows who Anne Frank is?

-40, great mental picture, anne frank hiding in her attic, she hears the robotic footsteps of german soldiers. She strokes her long, flowing blonde beard, as her heart fills with bloodlust. She hefts her enormous battleaxe, and ATTACKS, RAPES AND PILLAGES! Those poor nazi's never stood a chance.

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Correct me if I'm wrong please, but isn't the boyfriend also being silly?... I mean, being Jewish is religion. I could become Jewish tomorrow if I wanted to. It's like saying that Christians were almost extinct. But Christians don't have to live in one specific area. They are around the world.

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145- There isn't enough words to to describe the stupidity of what you just said.

Well, the dogma obviously cannot die out and there will always be practicing Jews. However, what OP is probably referring to is the so-called Jewish race as defined by the NSDAP in the 1930s, where it was determined that people of Jewish descent with certain Jewish characteristics were deemed socially undesirable and had inferior rights to people of German descent with German characteristics. Nazi Germany didn't necessarily target people who secretly practiced Judaism (as other pogroms or purges did); it was more about exterminating them on an ethnic level.


141 - I'll be waiting for the movie to come out in 2014.

Wait... If they're not vikings then what are they..? On a serious note, fyl indeed. You picked a bright one ;)

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Please tell me that was some form of sarcasm...Please.

yeah because the comment "on a serious note" means a lack of humor/sarcasm....

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It wasn't, he was completely serious.

71- it was, that's why she later said "on a serious note..."

I don't get why this person has a horrible life?

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Its pretty funny. My wife is a direct descendant of the vikings.

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How are they even confusable? I D:

@53: Mr/Ms. Garrison is the only teacher I can imagine to be that bad. I can just imagine how that lesson would go, judging by his others, like this one: Ms. Garrison: All right, kids, it is now my job to teach you the theory of evolution. Now I, for one, think evolution is a bunch of bull crap! But I've been told I have to teach it to you anyway. It was thought up by Charles Darwin and it goes something like this... [she goes up to a large poster of evolution and begins pointing things out with her pointer] Ms. Garrison: In the beginning, we were all fish. Okay? Swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby, and the retard baby was different, so it got to live. So Retard Fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day, a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its... [she waves her left hand limply] Ms. Garrison: ...mutant fish hands... and it had butt sex with a squirrel or something and made this. [she points to a prehistoric mammal rodent] Ms. Garrison: Retard frog-sqirrel, and then *that* had a retard baby which was a... monkey-fish-frog... And then this monkey-fish-frog had butt sex with that monkey, and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey... and that made you! So there you go! You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel! Congratulations!

She might be on to something. I've never heard of a Jewish Viking.

What the heck? Just turn your back on Thor!

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But your username says- ...never mind.

17- please! Norwegians are the real Vikings!

129- Nah the swedes and norweigeans are the vikings, those danes are the fakers. On another note the vikings were predominantly christian. Thor is from norse mythology, which is older than the vikings

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142- Any country who has a Scandinavian background is considered viking blood. So yes, Danes are technically of Viking history. My bestfriend is a Dane. She was born and raised in Denmark. So.....

150- It was a joke. If any country is a faker it's Finland. It's technically not Scandanavian even though many people count it as such.

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Really? You know there are some extremely intelligent blonde people in the world right?

I believe the correct term here is Kardashian.

After you complete your list of cliche catch phrases, would you mind posting something intelligent? Sorry for sounding so harsh.

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26- This is coming from the guy who thread jacks the first comment just to be on top.

31- you act like you've never done it before. And what does that even have to do with anything? If you have some weird internet thing against me, send me a private message. Or you could just stand in line with all the other people waiting for me to give a ****. Have a nice day. PS, I like your username, it suits you.

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Even if I have done it then how would you possibly know that? I have nothing against you, but you're trying to be a smart ass and call dennis96411 out on his comment when you're no better. "would you mind posting something intelligent?" Well would you mind posting something relevant to the thread you're posting on? We don't need anymore thread jackers.

License plate concurs with kingdingaling.

66- Look at your last comment, you're calling me out on things I've done in the past, which isn't relevant to this thread either. If you want to complain about my thread-jacking, don't attack me at random, try posting a response to one of the comments that I actually did thread-jack. And it's obvious that this wasn't one of them.

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Unlike you, I'm actually replying to a comment that's in this thread which makes it relevant. Replying to a comment that isn't directed to that comment and is instead a comment that is directed towards the FML makes it irrelevant. You were called out on your thread jacking earlier today and unless I'm mistaken, you thread jacked the first comment on this FML also. You think this is random because you think this is about the thread jacking, but it isn't. This is about how you tried to call someone out on the quality of their post when you're no better BECAUSE of the fact that you thread jack.

96- What the hell? I wasn't thread-jacking on this FML, it doesn't even sound right alone. If were on this FML long enough, or if you look at the similarity between my comment and 13's comment, you should be smart enough to tell that we were both responding to 1's FML, which he edited later. What I've been trying to say to you for this whole time was that you should reply based off of the comment itself, not the poster of the comment. If you have a problem with me, then just message me.

It's funny because I remember when I called out KingDingALing for threadjacking a long time ago. But since then he's been a pretty good commenter.

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That...was my evil twin ...and I'm sticking with that excuse. Yeah, I've done it before, but then KaySL yelled at me and everyone knows she's scary as hell so I stopped. Not sure how you recognized me though because I haven't been on FML for over a year.

I have a pretty good memory. And I think I also remember reading that thread on somewhere.

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^ You should have said that as soon as you saw that all your comments were being down voted.

113- I don't care what ten people think about my comments on this thread, my reason for continuing was to get my point across.

They always do, man they always do. Someone has to get the last word in.

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Did anyone make any popcorn for this?

When I argue I tend to want to get the last word and I've just seen how incredibly ******* annoying! You really should have just given up, you had no hope!