By whygod - 12/06/2016 13:45

Today, I walked in on my 12-year-old sister, naked, streaming herself eating a banana. FML
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Oh wow, that's child pornography. Sounds like she needs therapy

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Sorry you had to see that OP. I'm really hoping you told your parents about this cause she needs a good talking to.


Oh wow, that's child pornography. Sounds like she needs therapy

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"streaming herself" She may have been the creator of it, but it's still child ****.

It IS against the law. And since she was streaming that means old men were probably watching her. She needs therapy because they need to find the source of why she's acting this way. She could have been abused forcefully or groomed. I say this in all seriousness about her being abused and that she needs therapy because I was a victim of child pornagraphy at her age as well.

#39 did you even read the fml? She was streaming it meaning it was video and live. Child pornography is usually pictures and videos of sexual acts with minors and depending on the country and state you live in, depends on the age. What most people don't know is it's still distribution of child pornography if a girl OP's sister age sends or records pictures or videos of themselves doing sexual acts to other people even with consent because they are a minor. Since OP only caught them eating a banana, (I'm assuming she wasn't just eating it..) then yes she needs a good talking to and yes it is pornography. Not only does she need a talking to but she needs to be supervised and maybe some therapy depending on why she's even doing this.

Well in the modern society it is not just old people who put kids up the this. There is a huge chance she is streaming to her boyfriend, or hell even a boy she hopes to make her boyfriend. Still makes what she does illegal and maybe she needs therapy but there is a bigger chance she just needs to understand you dont have to expose yourself to be liked. Or Maybe she was streaming with her best friend, after a shower wanting to eat a banana and didnt think about it since they might have already seen each other naked at gymshowers? Trying to think of the least worst scenario here, then she just needs tech training that you never know how much is being recorded and everything can be used against you someday. Either way, i guess you are the big brother so protect your sis from either becoming abused or blackmailed into worse things in future. Stop thinking about how this is a FML but more on how to stop this from ******* up your little sisters life.

Mortoli 30

yeah if i was op id find out who she streaming to first before taking severe action. -_- but definitely tell parents either way.

Regardless of who she was streaming to it is still child **** and illegal. A 12 year old can send another 12 year old a picture of themselves naked and it is still a crime. This is horribly wrong whether a 60 year old man was watching or a 15 year old boy

I don't think she necessarily needs therapy- a strong talking to and according punishment yeah but not necessarily therapy. I used to get naked for people on omegle when I was 13. I didn't need therapy, I was just a kind of stupid, naïve kid with too high a sex drive.

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They need to figure out who is doing it so they can stop them from exploiting other kids and keep the girl safe in the future. I can't believe they voted you do downn #50.

If nothing is showing it ISNt illegal

I don't know why everyone who's saying she doesn't need therapy is getting down voted, there can be many reasons for her doing this not just deep rooted psychological ones (e.g wanting attention, validation etc.). Personally, the best thing to do is have a long talk with her parents and then take away any communication devices from her room as punishment.

Yeah not sure why I was dowvoted. Therapy really might not be necessary and might just waste everyone's time and money. Yeah it's a stupid thing to do and she needs to have a long talk about it but that doesn't always equL therapy. Like I said, I used to do things like that, had no therapy, and I turned out fine.

#110 well it's fairly illegal even if not "showing" anything. It's not the act of a nipple being shown its whether or not she's trying to be provocative while wearing less clothes than normal. If she if naked, even if nothing is showing. It's implied and will child pornography.

Child ****?! And I thought this damned world couldn't get any worse!

From Wikipedia*: "Historically, child marriage was common around the world. The practice began to be questioned in the 20th century, with the age of individuals' first marriage increasing in many countries and most countries increasing the minimum marriage age. In ancient and medieval societies, it was common for girls to be betrothed at or even before puberty." I know it seems like the opposite is happening, but in many ways, the world is improving. A couple hundred years ago, she'd be marriage material. But now, eating a banana and being sexualized for doing so is enough to disgust us. *

Holy shit, the person who I think is the best FML commenter replied to me?! I feel so honored!

obvious_lee 9

No, the world is not improving. It was, until the Internet happened. Now it's a gradual decline as people become more depraved. In medieval times, people only lived for 30-50 years, so you were an "adult" at a much younger age. And even in some modern cultures people are still betrothed as children. Yes, pedophilia is ******* disgusting and wrong. But most of you who think this will also readily accept that a 40/50-year-old having sex with an 18-year-old is "okay" just because it isn't defined as illegal by Western law. Quite frankly, it all sickens me. Stick with people your own age. Simple. And now we wait for this comment to be downvoted to oblivion. People hate the truth.

Just because because you call it the truth doesn't make it the truth, people have always been this depraved but the Internet makes it readily available and easily accessible. The true nature of people is just now out in the open where you can see it.

obvious_lee 9

56 You just agreed with me, while stating that you don't. You can't refute someone's statement, then immediately admit that they were right.

It's not the truth if it's just your opinion.

#57, you said, "Now it's a gradual decline as people become more depraved" while crudeandrudeguy said, "people have always been this depraved." That's not agreement. I agree that children are still married off and it's legal for old and young people to have sex, but most people are disgusted by both and haven't said otherwise in this thread. I'm sure people hate the truth—except for you, of course. And the Internet is the perfect place to tell others about the depravity caused by… the Internet. Thank god irony isn't lethal.

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Sorry you had to see that OP. I'm really hoping you told your parents about this cause she needs a good talking to.

quazimozart 19

She needs a bit more than a talking to

While I agree with telling the parents, it's not 1956 anymore. A "good talking to" may mean a little different than it would if she was j*walking. I think this will require an incredible amount of "talking to" in therapy on all family members including the banana & his family.

hey I'm new to the commenting section but what does OP mean?

#65 original poster, the person who made the FML

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wow. I never had this many likes before

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Yeah she could get into all kinds of different troubles :(

I'd tell your parents, don't know what personal information she put out for creepers.

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I wanna make a "banana for scale" joke

Maybe that is a thought that should have stayed in your brain.

For sure tell your parents. In some states in the US as ridiculous as it is she could be registered as a sex offender for distributing child pornography if caught.

Except as a minor it would never be public record so it wouldn't matter

It depends. Just because it's a juvenile record doesn't necessarily mean it disappears when she hits 18. It is absolutely possible that if she applies for a job requiring a serious background check that her juvenile record can be unsealed depending on if the charges have bearing on the job. Laws vary from state to state, but it's not irrelevant.

There have been cases of teens getting on the registry for sharing nudes and getting charged with distribution of child **** and it not going away. I remember reading about a girl who got on when she was like 15 and was still on it when she was 20 something.

How disgusting to think of the people watching on the other end. I hope you told your parents OP! There's literally nothing okay about that at all