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  livin_plur  |  0

if u snort shrooms the spores will accumulate in your nasal cavity and you'll have to have surgery to remove them, I don't advise you do it, but by all means eat them :)

  Zalandia  |  0

no, that's a dick move. if this is how he wants to express himself, let him. people these days are assholes. like seriously, it's honestly not that big of a deal. 50 years ago, if you saw a girl wearing jeans, they would be weird. people just need to let people live with their lives. it's not hurting anybody else any.

  afdude87  |  6

37, really? so in 40 years do you think guys will be wearing panties? sure, expression of self is great, people need boundaries though. buy your own damn panties if that's how you wanna express yourself.

  DrJesse  |  10

19,how would telling her friends get him laid? idk about where you're from but around here,crossdressing in your sisters clothes doesnt seem like it would work.

  Igor_g5  |  0

Amen 37. WTF your life is f'd cuz your brother likes to wear panties and yours were convenient? Keep it to yourself. Maybe give him a pair so he can have his own. What goes around comes around.

  rickolette  |  0

but if they were both boys, this fml wouldn't exist cuz that wouldn't be terribly weird. sure it would be weird, not enough to create an fml about it. plus, this fml just makes more sense if we all assume op is a girl.