By Uhmm... - 13/05/2011 23:06 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my brother slipping into a pair of panties. Specifically, a pair of my panties. FML
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Fx13mz 7

I bet he wore them better than you.

maidofawesome 0

He probably secretly wears them all the time


Fx13mz 7

I bet he wore them better than you.

EverybodyHatesCh 0

ooooo in her face!!! like jizzy jizz jizz!!

zendaddy0 0

that's my fetish........... luljklololol

LunaNstars 0

what's next? you hide his secret and let him borrow your closet for his midnight appearances at a gay bar. i'm no fortune teller, but I can see your future now...

I think that's more of a fml on his part. lmao

flickyourbic1223 7

49 If you want your comment near the top then actually post something replying to 1's comment. Does that bother anyone else?

LunaNstars 0

i'm assuming you say this because your comment is also in reply to number 1? yeah you're the one using this correctly.

Fx13mz 7

#1 agrees with #62. Don't be trying to get attention by commenting on a high post -.-

62 I see you haven't even bothered to take your own advice. Does that bother you?

WTF is wrong with you #16?!?! All your comments are either retarded or just plain wierd! Stop snorting every shroom you find!!!

Shafreeka 8

Can you snort a shroom? I thought you ate them, but, I could definitely be wrong. Especially since this is not my area of expertise.

adrianblackett 0

I would tink eatin was your area of expertise

bigblue95 0 least it wasnt someone elses

if u snort shrooms the spores will accumulate in your nasal cavity and you'll have to have surgery to remove them, I don't advise you do it, but by all means eat them :)

rosary143 1


MizzErikaHart 8

tell all his friends what you saw

EverybodyHatesCh 0

no she should tell her friends. then he can get laid.

no, that's a dick move. if this is how he wants to express himself, let him. people these days are assholes. like seriously, it's honestly not that big of a deal. 50 years ago, if you saw a girl wearing jeans, they would be weird. people just need to let people live with their lives. it's not hurting anybody else any.

I agree fully with you Zalandia. However, the fact that said panties were his sisters makes it just a tad weird.

37, really? so in 40 years do you think guys will be wearing panties? sure, expression of self is great, people need boundaries though. buy your own damn panties if that's how you wanna express yourself.

19,how would telling her friends get him laid? idk about where you're from but around here,crossdressing in your sisters clothes doesnt seem like it would work.

No, it doesn't make it a little weird, it is completely weird. I'm thinking family dinners are gonna be a LOT on the awkward side for awhile.

Igor_g5 0

Amen 37. WTF your life is f'd cuz your brother likes to wear panties and yours were convenient? Keep it to yourself. Maybe give him a pair so he can have his own. What goes around comes around.

Shit's fucked. I say blackmail him.

hossjosh 1

37= hardcore liberal

Were they at least clean?

No, they had some skids in there.

sylphy 0

and period stains no doubt

maybe he has a thing for u 

EverybodyHatesCh 0

or maybe he has a thing for you! DUN DUN DUN DUUUN!!

Maybe...maybe he has a thing for...wait for it...!

emodude44 0

Who are you?

kingtz 6

Only if he wore them on his head...

lol tht picture of the cat on ur thing made the whole dun dun dun dun thing work!! haha

WTF is wrong with your head??? he's her brother u idiot

TylersBoo 0

well incest is best.. ;)

jackhornung 6


I incest you don't say that

EverybodyHatesCh 0


no, no "cawkward"

skidoo800HO 2

Knock first! So many problems could be prevented if people just knocked.

maidofawesome 0

He probably secretly wears them all the time

M0rt 0

Well sharing is caring.

haileemarie7 6

Could be could have crabs. that would get roumors started.

^this is true.

except you can get crabs from bath towels and toilet seat etc so..

haileemarie7 6

why would you reuse someone else's bath towel...?

HA!!!, u should video record him next time

hook_em 0

maybe he is preparing for a sex change and he is wanting to get a head start on things by testing the new gear

they could both be boys ya know.

lulututu 4

I've never heard a guy refer to his underwear as panties.

hook_em 0

I would have to agree with 29 nice try 18

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

well if they are both boys (brothers) they could be secretly gay with each other and call them panties.

but if they were both boys, this fml wouldn't exist cuz that wouldn't be terribly weird. sure it would be weird, not enough to create an fml about it. plus, this fml just makes more sense if we all assume op is a girl.

I agree ^...However you know what they say when one assumes, right? ;-)

18 Are you saying that OP wears woman underwear?

Obviously op wears woman underwear. The article in question was panties.

So that's where they were disappearing to.