By Arachnofail - 08/04/2016 04:16 - France - Goussainville

Today, while driving, a spider crawled onto my gearstick. Not being afraid of them, I casually flicked it off. Onto the person sitting next to me. The person evaluating me for my driving test at the time, who happened to be arachnophobic. FML
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Oddly enough, we are reading about this on the web.

If the evaluator merely failed you without also setting the car on fire, you got off lightly.


If the evaluator merely failed you without also setting the car on fire, you got off lightly.

Wow so original man keep it up

But did you pass ?

UserError94 18

But did you smash? Like, smash the spider?

Def passed the spider.

blazerman_fml 17

looking at the username..I'm gonna guess no. :(

Oddly enough, we are reading about this on the web.

You slick mofo

That's actually kinda funny and not very cheesy actually.... ? A huge spider just dropped onto my bed..... ?? ??? I'm outta here.

Well i guess you're in a sticky situation

I could spidy horrible pun coming this was from a mile away

Daria did I just say?

CliffyB03 28

Honestly. This is the first FML to actually make me laugh. I can just hear the girly shriek now lol

F the drivers life. Spiders are scary as hell.

Mathalamus 24

no they arent. only to people with an irrational fear of spiders that they, for some reason, cannot get rid of.

Nothing irrational about it. Before humans could type "is this spider that's dangling three inches above my face poisonous" into Google, we had little way of knowing which ones were poisonous and which weren't just by looking. And while people can survive bites from venomous spiders with proper treatment, I've heard being bitten is still something to be avoided. There are still solid reasons to avoid the eight-legged demons, in other words.

That would be the definition of a phobia there, 18. And I agree. Spiders are scary as hell!

To add to what #20 said, it's a part of our biology to be afraid of certain things. People can inherent a fear of things that scurry and make sudden movements, or things with a lot of little legs. That trait evolved because many spiders are venomous, so that instinctive fear kept our ancestors alive. It can be an irrational fear if you live in a place where most spiders are harmless, but it goes deep in our evolutionary history, and it's there for a good reason. It's the same reason people are afraid of heights, and some things smell bad.

You're right except the definition of Phobia is an irrational fear.

Exactly. So when 18 said "an IRRATIONAL fear," he was saying the definition of a phobia.

andrmac 25

Did they say, "Nope nope nope you fail!" Then get out of the moving car?

That sucks, I hope he didn't fail you, if he did just complain that he's not doing his job right.

I know you couldn't have known but you should always be careful just in case. You could have grabbed the spider and thrown it out the window or something other than flicking it

Probably not the best option while driving.