By Lonely, I am so lonely - 12/06/2016 13:41 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a meal with all of our other friends. The same meal they'd told me just yesterday had been cancelled. FML
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I'd respond with a picture of my middlefinger, because **** that, they are not friends.


I'd respond with a picture of my middlefinger, because **** that, they are not friends.

I wonder why they wouldn't change the privacy settings on the post to exclude you from seeing it on Facebook. Usually, doing that would indicate that they didn't tell you how they really felt about you to protect your feelings. Posting the picture outright makes it seem that they're just dicks and don't care about your feelings. Best of luck, OP. Sometimes it's best to just wash your hands of people like that and make new friends who want you to be a part of their social outings.

3: Even if they didn't post the picture they'd still be dicks who didn't care about OP's feelings since they went behind OP's back in the first place.

Man this same thing happened to me worst thing was my ex told all my friends that she did ask me to the event and I said no while I had no idea she made a plan with them.

I don't think that's quite AS bad, seeing as your friends didn't actually know you'd not been invited.

F them. They're not your friends. Good friends will come, OP. F them.

Holy crap, that's just awful! :( From one Sheffielder to another, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

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On the plus side they have a react option perfect for your situation

True. I actually like that fb did that.

"You told me it was cancelled! You ******* *****!"

You need to get new friends. Friends don't do that!