By joshualover - United States
Today, I was driving through my neighborhood when I heard a siren. I looked into my rear view mirror and saw a motorcycle, so I pulled over. The motorcycle drove by, and it turned out to be an old lady with a leather jacket. The siren was in a song on the radio. FML
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happened to me before with the siren in the song and me thinking I was being pulled over for half a second. luckily my life isn't fucked cause I'm not stupid enough to actually pull over, especially when they're no flashing lights behind me. dumbass

  thrice324  |  0

I've always hated when people say "this is not an FML!" because it's a little bit trivial, but oh my god this is not an FML. This is actually pathetic.

  FYLDeep  |  25

I know right. I would have been like "FUCK" when I heard the siren, and then immediately relieved when I saw the woman go by. That's a case that you can by happy that you were mistaken.

  Shookitup  |  0

I didn't know how to approach this fml...
I think you deserve to walk away from your computer, not necessarily a "OMG sucks to be you!" moment...-.-

So please continue with your morning :)