By gross - 11/06/2016 07:56 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, at 19 years of age, I finally saw a nude girl in real life. Specifically, my sister. FML
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Incest is NOT a wincest


Incest is NOT a wincest

Unless you're from Virginia.

You mean to say Alabama I think

#9 Give us some credit.. we stop at cousin!

Psssh, you're thinking of those damn Mississippians. We're classy, stopping at aunt.

Unless it's twincest

TMO2142 25

This is such a valid questions i wonder who will dislike this

I clicked like.

I incest you stop with this.

Well, now if anyone asks you can say you've seen a girl naked. Just don't give any details...

Now you can relax once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

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Hit it while it's good.

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Incest! Fun for the whole family!

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His sister is a girl right? She was nude right? So he did see a nude girl right? Then yes, his sister counts, unfortunately, lol.

Emphasis on "unfortunately"

ABlindMan 17

That's not how it works. That's like saying "I had sex with a gay dude so I'm still a virgin"

you have a point.

As bad as that sounds, OP, at least you have an actual sister. I was an only child and had to look at my naked self in the mirror, crossing my eyes slightly to blur the image and only imagining what seeing my sister naked would be like.

Is this worse if you're male or female? I think it's creepy as a male but weirder as female.

#8, is that what your current profile picture is about?

Haha, I was wondering when somebody would notice.

#85 (or #8), is there a way to find FMLs you've recently commented on when someone has replied (like a notification or a menu point) or do you just remember which FMLs you commented and check back regularly if someone answered? (Serious question)

Please tell me that was by accident. O.O

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ABlindMan 17

I'm almost 99.9% sure this isn't a pissing contest on who's older and done less with a girl, although I could be wrong.

What ever gets you off at night ey.