By Anonymous - 05/08/2009 11:04 - India

Today, I left my brand new iPhone on the counter, and went to get its cleaning cloth. My grandmother saw a mosquito, and used my iPhone as a fly swatter. I now have a broken iPhone. Good news though: no more mosquito. FML
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Seriously, how many different ways can people on this website get their iPhones broken?


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YDI because you can't afford one and make fun of people who can! Ass Clown!

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LMAO, I don't see why they shouldn't have!

Steve jobs: This is the best thing we've ever made, I'm really excited about it! It's an internet device, a digital camera, a phone, an iPod a fly swatter.

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Ofcourse they do, besides i = iphone & i = india, lol

They're in a lot of countries all over the world, just not on AT&T's network.

Burprus me, that was stupid. you fail. YDI for living in india OP

that's why I take mine everywhere and never leave it.

Well only, if that is, OP is a transsexual ;)

This is true, once a mosquito flew up, my friend Jacuelle's nose, it nestled in his left nostril and literally made a fortress of mucus inside his nose. He got so frusturated one night because he was trying to go to sleep because he had work the next morning but, that darned mosquito had friends over again for the third night in a row. They had the tv up drinking beers and they were being obnoxiously loud. Jacuelle snapped took a jack hammer to his nose, not only did his nose fall off but the mosquito and his friends took it with them because it was their home now. Jacuelle no longer has a nose and if you ask me that is more important than an IPhone so go ahead and thank grandma, you ungrateful kid, be lucky you have a nose!

The OP pointed out she has an iPhone because iPhones are expensive. I guess that makes her life more ****** or something.

Just in response to "YOU CAN READ FML ON THE IPHONE! im commenting with it RIGHT NOW! other phones cant do that!"-- Yes, they can. It's nice that you're happy with your device, but don't make ignorant assumptions. OP: That sucks. I hope you can get a replacement.

Um... Other phones can most definitely do that. And I've been able to open documents on my phone before that new iPhone was out. Big ******* deal.

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i like the word "iPhoneLess" lol

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Yes, most newer phones (and a few older models) can use fmylife and most other internet sites. Nice gadgets are nice, but iPhones aren't the only cool toys out there.

Don't make ignorant assumptions? Are you kidding me? What is this, the anti-cellphone-racism convention?!? That is NOT an ignorant assumption. PLENTY of cell phones still do not have Internet access. I'm sorry you can't afford an iPhone, and you're extermely jealous of those who have them, but that's still no reason to pull the "DON'T ASSUME THINGS you ignorant a-hole" card. REALLY. it's a phone.

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Because there is a huge difference between an iPhone which costs $200-$400 and a phone you get free just for signing up.

Why should it bother you? Because you can't afford one? I never notice people doing that. The OP said it was a "brand new iPhone" because it WAS. I mean, it's brand new, WAY more expensive than other phones, and a delicate piece of equipment that is not a flyswatter.

I own one, moron. Also, they're not that expensive. I always just say "my phone." I don't have to embellish on the fact that is it indeed an iPhone; Anyone who sees me holding it will know.

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Mosquitos carry many harmful diseases. such as malaria. and can also give you aids, had they sucked blood from someone with aids. (yes. not only do they suck blood, but they also squeeze some stuff into you, such as blood and toxins.)

Mosquitos do not spit enough blood in you to give you HIV. If someone told you he became HIVpositive because of a mosquito bite, he was either lying or very ignorant about his own disease.

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Wow you are really idiotic if you still believe that, HIV needs a HUMAN host for you to actually become infected, do some reading because well you just made me 7 year old cousin look smart.

Mosquitoes do not give you AIDs. Thats definately an STD.

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I swear, FML is the official advertiser of Apple.

What, you didn't think actually made any profit from selling those t-shirts? Product placement is the real moneymaker for this website.

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(Ignore the assumptions in this comment) Wait until she is upstairs. Deck her. Then smash up her stair lift.

Im gonna have to call fake.. I cant see anyone mistaking a small phone for a large wire and plastic flyswatter.

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I doubt she mistook it for a fly swatter, but probably just used it to kill the mosquito because it was on the counter.

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It never said she mistook it as a flyswatter. Just that she used it as one.

Yeah, i'll use anything at hand to kill insects. Actually, no, I would never use any of my gadgets.

This is exactly why you don't leave expensive pieces of technology around really young people, or really old people. They'll just **** it up.

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Really young people, I will totally give you, but in defense of my Gramma, she would NEVER use my iPod to kill a bug. Whether or not they know HOW to use it, an elderly person CAN recognize that it's an expensive piece of technology, not to be used as a flyswatter.

You'd be very surprised how inconsiderate some grandmothers (or mothers) can be. OP, make granny pay for a new one.

@10. If they **** it up, **** them up.