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  Nyattack  |  14

You know, not everyone is raised to fear nudity... Humans are creatures that happen to have their reproductory organs attached to their bodies, and the mere fact of being naked doesn't automatically make these body parts bad or perverted ; sure, we use them for sex (which is a perfectly natural act, even though it's frowned upon) but the rest of the time they're also there ! A person's genitals shouldn't be viewed as inherently disgusting or shocking, it's just the way we're built !

  rick159  |  12

Mom is German, I was raised in Germany. We never walked around naked. But yes, Americans can be uptight. In their defense there are probably as many nudists here as there are Swedes in the world. I find it best not to judge what you don't know about. Europeans seem to think they have Americans figured out......not by a long shot. It might be helpful if you would take into account that most Americans are of European we