By LemonLearn - 06/10/2016 20:59 - United States - New York

Today, I walked in on my brother completely naked from the waist down. I wouldn't have cared if he wasn't masturbating using my lingerie. FML
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Take your underthings back and incest he not do that anymore.

you wouldnt have cared seeing you brothers genitals??


you wouldnt have cared seeing you brothers genitals??

Eh it isn't that big of a deal if there isn't a creepy sexual attraction there

It would also be a fairly normal thing to see in a shared house

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You know, not everyone is raised to fear nudity... Humans are creatures that happen to have their reproductory organs attached to their bodies, and the mere fact of being naked doesn't automatically make these body parts bad or perverted ; sure, we use them for sex (which is a perfectly natural act, even though it's frowned upon) but the rest of the time they're also there ! A person's genitals shouldn't be viewed as inherently disgusting or shocking, it's just the way we're built !

Not really, my family, sister included is naked all the time. We don't fear nudity like most Americans, we are like swedes, or most of Europe

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#14 do you guys not own any clothes if you're naked all the time?

Mom is German, I was raised in Germany. We never walked around naked. But yes, Americans can be uptight. In their defense there are probably as many nudists here as there are Swedes in the world. I find it best not to judge what you don't know about. Europeans seem to think they have Americans figured out......not by a long shot. It might be helpful if you would take into account that most Americans are of European we

Don't mean you should WANT to see it. I never wanted to see my little sister naked, but it still happened (door wasn't always closed.)

Walking in on them jerking off? "Eh, whatever"

It scares me how many of these FML's there are.

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Incest is the best so put your sister to the test

Well, at first there was just Adam and Eve.....who did their kids procreate with?

#26, I don't think most religions will happily explain it with more words than "It was a miracle from ____"

Moments like these make me appreciate being an only child.

What happen when you find the creepy friend doing this

Well Christmas is coming time to buy him his own lingerie

No starch required next time you do laundry

I can't imagine I could ever get over this if it'd happened to me. Just awful.

FYL that's so gross. In the moment you just yell at him, but idk if I'd be able to ever look at him much less talk to him again if I were in your shoes

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Well I suggest OP does something about this situation, or else her brother is gonna be in her shoes

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I had my brothers friend steal my clothing when I was 12, and he was 16; I'm assuming it was for the same purpose. Tell your parents asap.

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Burn the ones he's abused. And tell him to buy his own. It ain't cheap. And never bring it up again.