By Anonymous - 06/10/2015 11:46 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I walked in on my sister shoving her vibrating phone into her privates. Can't erase that image. FML
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Errr, if it was her room, perhaps try knocking next time?


Sorry, always sucks to walk in on relatives 'relieving' themselves. FYL

michaelaranda 28

OP probably should have knocked though assuming she was in her room or a bathroom. If it was just out in the living room... You should probably tell her why that isnt okay.

Errr, if it was her room, perhaps try knocking next time?

Pandapete4857 11

It says I walked in on her not that she was in her room. She could have been in the living room.

Knock next time but that is just... Eww

mermaidkeels 26

I guess my biggest concern is that the same device she used on her ******, she also uses close to her face when she makes a phone call.

dannnngthatsux 19

Maybe it wasn't directly on it...

And it possibly wasn't clean when she put it in her ******. If it had been dropped on the floor etc. or even from hands, it could have collected many germs.

The worst part is, the best way to 'clean' the phone is to wipe it with a mildly damp, non-scratchy fabric, which mostly just smears the germs around

if she gas a galaxy 5-6 she can just wash it off no big deal.

grogers311 20

The average cell phone has more germs & bacteria than a toilet seat

I'd recommend some bleach, holy water, or jumping of a building. Combine them for the best results

Yes, I too would recommend the jumping of a building, in this situation I think ot would really help

I don't normally advocate buying sex toys for minors but in this case you might want to consider buying her a vibrator. It's going to be hella awkward but using her phone is disgusting.

We don't know if she was a minor, but I agree. Also, explain why using her phone is not only disgusting but dangerous. And if you get her a toy, get her the proper cleaning stuff to go along with it.

I think buying her a vibrator would be "hella awkward" as well...

How bout help her find a boyfriend...

My wife works with foster kids and it is not uncommon for them to buy their clients "toys" to satiate their urges without risking getting pregnant.

Pstraka6 20

You should also be concerned that she's using her phone for that. Be the bigger person and tell her that's not the right thing object to use and you seeing that doesn't change how you view her

This is actually great advice and the most mature way to help her out