Bye bye love

By Anonymous - 04/10/2020 14:01

Today, according to my emotionally distant boyfriend, stopping by a whorehouse on his way home several nights a week for a quick blowjob isn’t cheating, because it involves cash and no intimacy afterwards. Dumped his ass real quick. FML
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Isn't that your "job" anyways? Why does he need to outsource that work? Sounds like a waste of money -- you're better off without him.

Christina Winden 22

Good for you. You don’t need that trash in your life.

Y'know, if she doesn't like giving ********, maybe he had a reasonable solution to the issue.

Well done for dropping him, I hope you get over him soon and find yourself someone worth it x

and THIS is why whorehouses are a good thing...

voodoo66 5

seems to me, he was saving you from a tedious chore, a keeper!

Kudos to you for dumping his pathetic ass. News flash: That's still considered cheating.