By meet Chloe - 19/02/2012 09:15 - Australia

Today, I felt sorry for the weird chick at work that everybody avoids and decided to initiate a conversation with her. She interrupted me mid-sentence to tell me about her vaginal odor problems, before shoving her hand into my chip packet and inviting herself to dinner at my house. FML
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At least your not a dick! Even though now she probably won't leave you alone forever.

At least she didn't stick her hand down your pants.


At least your not a dick! Even though now she probably won't leave you alone forever.

You know that it's "you're", right? The difference is when you know your shit, or when you know you're shit.

Sorry I didn't know this was English class. And I typed it too fast.

It's okay, I honestly don't care. I just saw that little grammar thing somewhere else online and decided to use it.

If you didn't care you wouldn't even mention it.

Due to her lack of social life at work; she probably got desperate and nervous when you engaged conversation with her. I'm sure she'll chill out once she becomes confident that she's not going to be ignored at work anymore.

laxbro182 1

There is a reason everyone avoids her... That doesn't make people a dick because of her lack of social skills

-80, I just figured that lack of social skills were due to the lack of practising said social skills. I didn't imply anyone was a dick either :/

And now I'm going to hide in a dark corner to rock back and forth for my instant assumption that number 80's comment was directed at me *sucks thumb*.

Efashah YOU'RE a dumbass. He used it as a possessive so it's your.

crazyladydaisy 4

Lmao, now you know to avoid weird people, believe me I would know I'm weird. -__- oh shii...

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well, at least it was an interesting conversation.

First of all #83 there are two forms of the word your/you're in the correction, with two different meanings. That was the point of his explanation. Efashah, you're (yes YOU ARE) an idiot.

Blah blah blah. The op met forever alone girl.

83 - esfashah. Read it again. She didn't mess it up.

massacreman3000 1

30 - sees one grammar lesson, assumes she is god of grammar.

Liar, you just wanted to be a snarky bitch.

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I swear that's the millionth time I've seen that comment on a post that involves two people

ryry013 6

Oh, but she most definitely IS a keeper. She is going to keep popping up in his life whether he wants her to or not. If things go astray, she will probably keep his severed head hidden in a freezer. Either way she could be considered a "keeper."

Yeah well when people usually stay away from someone they have a pretty good reason.

Not really, I befriended a lot of people that had "no friends" and a lot of them were great. Also, when I first came to America, people were afraid to talk to me, which isn't a good reason.

At least she didn't stick her hand down your pants.

While reading the fml I thought that's what he was gonna say. But then I saw chips.

things12345 14

At least she didn't stick her hand down HER pants

When she comes to your house, act as weird as she is. This way she'll stay away from you forever

Like in Drake and Josh. If you have seen that episode.

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You can't do this, she will think you are just like her and won't leave you alone..... Birds of a feather, **** them

gage27 5

Do this and you're SO gettin a ******** tonight!(;

MickGold 8

No, no! You have to get even weirder than her. Make her think you're a psychopath. And just say you ran out of your "medication"

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At least you're more compassionate than your co-workers who made fun of her.

Ins0mau 20

She didn't actually say they made fun of her.

drawmesunshine 17

But people are assholes, so it's safe to assume they do.

Tell her smelling like fish is a common disorder

perdix 29

I'll bet she had recently had her hand in her "chip packet." Did your chips suddenly become Salt and Vinegar flavored? Make sure at dinner, you serve open-faced roast beef sandwiches . . . topped with Limburger cheese.

Tiecho 4

Theres usually a reason people ignore/ stay away from other people. True, sometimes ppl can be just mean and rude to ppl who are different, but thats a lot more wasted energy that you dont have to use