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By Tucker - 08/02/2010 19:29 - United States

Today, I woke up with a hangover from last night. Last night, I snuck out and went to a party at a club. To hide my hangover, I cleaned myself up and walked into the kitchen to get a drink. My mother looked at me and said, "What's that on your wrist?" I'd forgotten I'd left the wristband on from the club. I'm already grounded. FML
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if your old enough to get into a club and get a wristbands to drink, I think you are too old to get grounded...

YDI for going to a club, and of course being stupid enough to leave evidence.


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Definatly a YDI but all people need time to let loose and you must be at least 20ish to go to a club wankered move out? x peace out x

OP are you underage or just some loser that still lives with his mom?

How do you know that op is either underage or at the age when you can get into other clubs which is usually drinking age? Since op is from Arizona they'd have to be 21 or older. If so...21 isn't that old to be living with your parents. Who cares?

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Took the words out of my mouth.

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so you're grounded and allowed on the computer?

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Move the fuck out already!!!!! its not like ur 13 dumbass....

Wow. Did I ever mess up my comments?

Maybe the op is not of the legal drinking age yet...

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haha unlucky legal drinking age here in australia is 18 and if your lucky you can get in at around 16 or 17 depending on how you look

actually, it sounds like he is!

it's 18 in Quebec 19 everywhere else in canada

it's 19 in Canada except Quebec which is 18

hey u remind me of selena gomez. well your pic does anyway.

this is the stupidest one yet. seriously. how old are you. why would you even share this. lame.

why people give YDI for shit that most of us gave done.

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Fail. It's 18 in a few provinces and 19 in others. Manitoba is 18

18 in Alberta Quebec Manitoba 19 everywhere else

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it's nineteen in Canada dumbass

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Actually 157 you're the "dumbass" (excuse the rude language) I live in Canada and the legal drinking age where I live is 18 not 19 learn the facts before you start calling people names.

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Bah, is it really that hard to stay away from the club for a week or two?

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this fml sucks perdix hasn't even commented on it

who cares if perdix commented on it

Haha 64 i agree

haha 64 I totally agree. perdix is the hit

haha I agree 64 perdix is the shit!!!

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Yo fuck you guys. Perdix doesn't have to comment on every single FML. It's damn hard to come up with the creative shit he comes up to make you guys laugh. You can make your own comments. Don't take up space complaining about something irrelevant. -Thanks :)

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You're very fucking annoying!

Be nice, this is his substitute for Facebook.

haha, win! ^^

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Wow I don't know whether to thank you Freeze or smack you across the face.

atleast he change his picture, right freeze?

YDI for going to a club, and of course being stupid enough to leave evidence.

shutup you knob let's all get wasted and sleep in a ditch while a tramp molests our unconcious body

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:D random but funny/ weird

I have some sick stories :)

umm idk weather I wanna know em or not. WHO AM I KIDDIN LAY EM ON ME LETS HEAR ALL UR "SICK" STORIES 

butter my ass homo

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Lol nice one.

You're an idiot. You deserve it for sneaking out. Party and do what you want when you're alone. Hopefully when you get drunk because you're such an idiot, you get in your car, and smash into people who are like you.

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I hope drunk drivers crash and kill themselves. It clears the roads for the smarter drivers.

wait, did you just to tell him to party alone? you're a moron. just because you had no life and were unfortunate enough to have no friends doesn't mean everybody should live like you

unfortunately they usually kill innocent people and walk away unharmed.

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Wow thats something i definitely wouldve noticed

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not like youve said it before...

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That sucks but you deserved it!

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It says you got grounded . Since in most clubs you have to be 18 or 21 and you still live with your parents and are able to get " Grounded " worry me deeply .

On top of that...most clubs aren't stupid about the people in there that AREN'T 21 drinking. So...are you 21 + and STILL having to sneak out AND getting grounded? Wow...

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if your old enough to get into a club and get a wristbands to drink, I think you are too old to get grounded...

I was thinking the exact same thing. If you're old enough to get into a club, you're old enough to not be grounded.

he could just look old?

I have been going out since I was sixteen. granted though that if my parents tried to ground me I would have laughed at them

Clubs that serve alcohol don't welcome minors. Thus punk apparently got plastered. Not happening at an all ages club.

yeah, clearly they raised you well.. chronological age is not the same as maturity - if your ass still needs to be grounded at 18, your parents haven't spanked you enough as a child.

raised very well...what were they going to do ground me so I couldn't go to work? haha

Well, OP, if you're out getting smashed and you dont have the intelligence to even cover your tracks, then its no wonder you're already grounded. :l YDI