By Anonymous - 11/04/2015 07:56 - United States

Today, I found out that my family and friends all laugh and compare me to Spongebob behind my back. Why? Because I'm 37 and still can't pass my driver's test. FML
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what I learned in boating school is...

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Dont mind them, good luck on your next test!

it's your fault for not taking.........EXTRA CREDIT!

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Sorry OP, but if you really can't pass it this far into life, maybe it's best you stay off the roads. For life. You know, for safety reasons.

If he ever does pass the test, he deserves to drive. Doesn't matter which age.

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That's the thing #33. If its been this long and he STILL hasn't passed, maybe it's best for him to stay off the road.

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uh NO. this person does NOT need to be driving on our roads. if you still haven't passed, there's a reason. do the world a favor and stop trying and stick to public transit

Public transit is horrible! If I couldn't drive and had money, I'd rather take a cab. Much more reliable

Nobody cares (sponge bob with rainbow over head)

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Have him drive blindfolded see What's the results are.

what I learned in boating school is...

Totally the comment I came in here to make. XD


SpongeBob may not be the best at filling in the blanks, but damn can he write the word "the" fancy as ****.

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I'm so glad people got this reference. I was fully expecting to come back to rage at such a short/useless comment and a bunch of thumbs down. haha.

Just get your best friend Patrick to help you "cheat" of your driving test. If it worked for Spongebob it can work for you.

Yeah, but SpongeBob communicated through a hole in his head with an antenna through it. OP won't be able to stick an antenna in any hole comfortably to cheat.

Good news is, there is public transportation most places. Driving isn't a necessity.

If he is having that much of a problem passing, it is probably safer for everyone if he doesn't drive. I passed the written, drivers 1, and drivers test 2 all on the first try's.

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Most places maybe. But the area I'm from in NY had nothing whatsoever, it was the suburbs. It may be the same for OP.

Tell that to the city of Miami. Oh theres public transportation, but sometimes, it is honestly faster to walk somewhere than wait for the always delayed buses. Also, tons of towns in American don't have transit systems, like where I am living now.

It could be worse, your only friend could be a starfish

Drive a car into their house on your next test! Just like spongebob!

Well that depends how long you've been learning to drive and how many times you've taken the test....I hope you haven't been learning since you were ~18...because if so I can't imagine how much money you must have spent lol

It makes me wonder how many times he's taken it as well. Op, you "can't" take it, or won't? I know way too many people that don't want to take the test cause they're scared. I know women who are 30, married with kids, and still won't take the test. If you've tried the test a few times and failed then you need drivers Ed. Have someone help you. I can't see you continuing to fail after having proper lessons.

I agree. My mom is a very nervous person. She took the test 2 when young and failed because she was nervous. Took it 2 times when she was older and only passed when she was in her mid forties because she had more help. She only drives to work, the store and apts. Good luck op!