By 2ndgenoration - 17/05/2014 21:56 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, my grandmother told me that since my dad was a mistake, I too am a mistake. FML
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that sucks, but the greatest discoverys were by accident

That spelling of 'generation' was a mistake...


that sucks, but the greatest discoverys were by accident

I like people like you, always there to support OP and make him/her feel better. Hats off to you, sir!

and that's why I call my daughter penicillin. she doesn't get it yet but in 10 years I get the feeling it will have nice dividends. I would be willing to bet at least 1/3 of us where mistakes I would be shocked if I wasn't. I comes from a dirt poor family no one in that situation says lets add another mouth. but I was loved just the same so what's the problem.

Don't worry OP, I'm a mistake too. Wedlock babies for life!

Like Bob Ross says, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. :)

That makes no sense OP; especially if your parents planned you. Just point out by her logic you should be a third generation asshole because she is one.

discoveries* To pluralize a noun ending with cy (where c in a consonant): replace y with ies, not ys.

incoherentrmblr 21

I think grandma forgot to take her meds...

Like the Powerpuff Girls, and they're badasses.

grammar nazis still nazis

That's a perfect way to look at it! :-)

my parents did not get married until two months after I was born, I'm their second child

That spelling of 'generation' was a mistake...

Wait i thought it was just clever..."geNOration"?

Well the grandma deserves to get no ration, so I guess it's accurate.

I hope I'm not going out on a limb when I say... I think OP was referring to "genomes"

Some of the (living) older generations are angry and bitter ~ dont take it to heart OP!

Especially as you might be a third generation.... Ask her if she knew of her parents trying to sneak out of the hospital without taking her with them

Maybe that's what her grandma told her? ;)

'Cause y'know, logic.

What kinda logic is that

Geriatric logic. Which is the best type of logic

badluckalex 23

My brother and I use the word "accidents" instead of mistake. Although you weren't planned, im sure she still loves you and your dad :D

I always preferred to refer to myself as a surprise.

nothing says that the OP was not planned..

Old people give zero ***** about what they say, I love it.

Did Jesus kiss Mary with that mouth? lol but seriously I totally agree with you #7. Old people can be so heartless and don't even know/care that they are lol

Well go back in time and make sure your dad eas not an mistake.

And your kids would be mistakes, so also their kids. In fact, your whole lineage would be a lineage of mistakes. FYL

Mistakes are made everyday! Some of the most important discoveries in our life time where mistakes.

Were* although 'are' would be better.

Technically, the discoveries were made in the past, so it would be "were".

Except for the fact that he said, "our lifetime," which is the present.

"lifetime" meaning the entirety of the human race. not in ANY way to mean present. eddison invented the lightbulb! was that present as of today as well?