By beyondembarrassed - 05/05/2013 05:44 - United States

Today, I tried to show my boyfriend's mom a picture of my prom dress on my phone. She scrolled to the right to find a picture of her son, naked. FML
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people always do that instead of just looking at the picture

connhackett 4

You're officially an idiot for handing it to her.


people always do that instead of just looking at the picture

I know if I show people a picture they better just look at it didn't say you could scroll left or right just look

If someone shows me a picture, unless they specifically tell me to scroll, I wouldn't dream of doing it. you never know what horrors you're going to see

That's why I never hand my phone to the person. Always just hold it in front of them. Then they yell at me but I don't care

Well people assume that there would be more than one picture, expecially If its a girl going to prom. I mean my prom was two days ago and I took at least 4 pictures.....

I think it was just a picture of the dress. Not her in it.

Oooo four pictures slow down there shutterbug

MindFreakazoid 10

"Oh, let me show you a picture of my dress!" "Lolkay *scrolls right*"

oj101 33

I always tell them to look with their eyes and not their hands, but they insist they hold the phone, then look through them all anyways which is terribly obnoxious.

I don't know why OP handed over the phone. I just hold mine to people when I show them something.

QuinnyZebrass 11

Op could have been holding the phone and the mom reached up and touched the screen. People do that to me all the time :p They always seem to think there's more than one picture to see.

It's always safer to keep the phone in your hands while showing a picture to someone. At least then you'd be in control of scrolling. Tough shit OP.

DyslexicPanda 12

Thanks for that lovely insight #125, I didn't quite get it the other 124 times people said to keep hold of the phone... -_-

@#82 I know, 4 whole pictures. WATCH OUT EVERYBODY WE GOT A BADASS OVER HERE!

Why was this thumbs downed so much..?

connhackett 4

You're officially an idiot for handing it to her.

You know you're supposed to save your dirty pics somewhere else on your phone if you must have fact there's an app for that.

What isn't there an app for? Honestly I saw a dildo app, so there really can't be much that don't have one.

Heh I remember the x box has a downloadable game for p2p massaging using the controllers with the other person setting the speed and intensity

Not surprised, but what's the name?

Lmao it's under the indie titles in the arcade.

You definetly deserved that one. Couldn't you put that picture in a secret folder or something?

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To be honest, it could also be a phone software developer's fault. For example, if you put "secret" photos into separate folder, BUT gallery software indexes all pictures...

#59 Have you ever considered the simple facts that phones are small and are easily lost or stolen? Lots of them are worth a lot of money, which makes them even more likely to be stolen. Storing private pictures of a sexual nature on a phone is playing with fire, and the OP got burned. Someone could have swiped it from her and then thought it would be hilarious to send all the dirty photos to everyone in the phone's address book before wiping it clean and using it for their own purposes. They could be put on the Internet and damage your reputation for years to come. Your car is private property, but that doesn't mean you leave the keys in the ignition. That would be pure idiocy and nobody has any sympathy for someone who does that (and your insurance won't pay out either). Your bank account is private, but you surely aren't giving anyone else your credentials to access it (and you won't get your money back if you do it). If there's sensitive contents of something you privately own then it's your responsibility to secure those contents. Everyone agrees that people shouldn't be snoops or thieves, but in this day and age there are plenty of ways to protect your digital information so that you're not made a victim of your data. People lack sympathy for OP because it's trivial to avoid the problem she experienced and any sensible person is already doing what they can to protect themselves in this brave new world.

@121, I regret to inform you that you have terminal variation of tunnel vision. Technologies evolve rapidly. 5 years ago there were no android. 6 years ago there were no iphone. 8 years ago there were no youtube. Smartphone you currently own might become obsolete next year. Unless you waste all your time tinkering with smartphones (and do nothing else), it is very easy something this trivial even if you're IT specialist (that doesn't deal with smartphones). You could overlook program feature, program behavior could change due to update, and so on. Besides, even if they're "easily stolen" smartphone is the closest thing we currently have to a "personal data wallet/storage". Unlike desktop PC and laptopt, you bring smartphone with you everywhere you go, it has OS (unlike thumbdrive) and internet connectivity.

#128: Well, fine. Treat it like there's no point to securing it and don't employ ANY security at all because you think it's too hard to keep up with. You have been warned. The security doesn't have to be perfect. Nobody's going to be spending supercomputer power on your phone trying to break the encryption on whatever app you chose to encrypt your sensitive data. The flaws that mathematicians call "breaking" a modern encryption algorithm usually are purely theoretical. Even when a practical exploit can be demonstrated, the typical result will be in weakening the encryption to something it would take a supercomputer decades to crack through brute force instead of millennia. Down-thumb away, jerks. It doesn't make me any less correct and every one is a vote confirming your own ignorance. I studied mathematics and cryptography to help secure our world so that you wouldn't have to. The very least you can do is show a little respect when I try to educate you on the basics.

@121 I'm completely aware phones gets stolen, hence why I do not leave anything of real secret nature on my own phone as I previously said. However were not talking about it getting stolen, lost etc and if photos were to leak by means of that - I'm sure those photos getting out will be the least of the owner's worries when they've lost an item worth a lot of money. (While I respect and do agree with the point you're trying to make - I'm really not going to get into this part of the discussion for lack of the original post's relevancy.) ...The point of the fml was about people going through ones phone after being handed a single image, and I sympathise because I've had photos of tracking numbers with the items I've bought saved in my phone when my mother in law continued to scroll and ruined her own present from doing so. Shes done similar things many times from just snatching my phone from me and It's just really rude to go though a persons phone without their full permission.

135, 1. It is hopelessly impossible to keep track of every detail of every technology you use every day. 2. It is stupid to expect phone's user to know about security risks by default, unless phone comes with a short document explaining how to secure data on your phone. Said document should fit into one paragraph of text. 3. Everybody is "correct" - because every opinion normally has some reason behind it and said reason makes sense to people that have that opinion. 4. IF you get that emotional ("jerks" part) after a single counterargument, don't argue.

alisidewinder 9

They deserve it for having pics like that on their phone. If you want that to be a private matter do not pass your phone around for everyone to see.

170- It is common courtesy to not scroll through someone's pictures or look through their phone. What they have on their phone is their business, not others'. It was pretty rude of his mom to just go through like that, assuming there would be more than one picture. I would never touch another person'a phone unless they handed it to me and showed me what to do to if there was a continuation of the first thing they showed me.

That's on you. Side note: boy nudes are kind of gross.

glamorous18 10

if you don't like the body of a naked man then maybe you should start questioning your sexuality.....or lose your virginity.

Well I guess it's safe to say you're a lesbian.

Agreed! Women look better naked

12, no, not really. There's a whole "clothed sex" fetish, after all.

Men's nudes aren't "gross", but it's true that women look better naked. Men are built utilitarian style (boxy and hard), but women are built more art-like with thier curves, roundness, and softness. Their bodies are really just more 'interesting' to look at. But that's not to say that there isn't some beautifly built men out there... it's just more commom for women.

Some Beautifly built men...?

A beautifly is just a short form for 'beautiful butterfly'. It's just easier to say.

Beautifly used Attract! The opponent's Pokemon is infatuated!

Excuse me... their* common* beautifully* 119- It's people like you that help me be able to laugh at myself. Lol

Agreed, granted I'm a boy but still

I'm bi and still believe men look better naked (muscled)

inumiko 12

Then honey, you've been seeing the wrong guy nudes.

inumiko 12


PoopNuggetLeader 4

Was it a good picture?

Ultimate_No 7

Make a separate album for that stuff. Or just don't let anyone touch your phone. That's what I do.

Plus there's apps that let you password protect private pictures. Yay, alliteration!

inthedopeshow 17

Do you know the name of that app? I need to know because reasons...

Vaulty is a good one :p

rachilio 26

13- other FML reference.

34 - Captain Obvious

ArielTheMermaid 17

DigiCalc is a good app for iPhones/iPod Touches. It's not only a calculator, but it protects private pictures

I use hide it pro on android. it changes the name of the app to audio manager when looking through app list and when you open it you have to long click on the logo to get to the password screen.

Life lesson- always check the other pictures before showing anyone

seniorchang 16

What a dick move!

I had to thumbs up, due to the sheer stupidity of that made me laugh..

ThePsyche 9

I was going to thumb you up #8, but I accidentally scrolled right and pushed the thumb down button.

I hate when u show someone a picture on your phone and they just decide to look at the rest

If I want to show someone one picture I just set it as my lock screen. No scrolling can happen :)

God, i hate when people do that. Its like just look at the damn picture! dont scroll over to the next one