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Never send nude pictures to anyone. Lesson learned.

D'uh, don't send pictures. It's lame and I'd never do it myself for that exact reason. Lets all hope you have a really nice body.


Never send nude pictures to anyone. Lesson learned.

It's child porn even if it is a pic of you

Not unless it is distributed, as in this case. It is perfectly legal to have a picture of your significant other on your phone, so long as it remains private.

If they sent it to you, that right there is distribution. And having the picture in general on your phone or anything (if you are under age) is considered child pornography, so possession. All of this is coming from the detective that came to our school to talk to us about this very subject.

Not if you are over the age of 18

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+100 #2, period.

If he loves sharing so much than he'll be enlightened by your idea of sharing your knowledge of the "How to break up with your boyfriend in a nasty way" guide that you've read recently

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#12 : Yes, we do.

#12, don't be a dumbass. Why would this be a strictly American problem? It's an issue with technology and communication, not American culture.

Yeahhh I'm not going to say "don't ever send them omgz!" but I would definitely be more certain of the trustworthiness of your bf next time...

Lessoned learned: Don't send nude pictures to boyfriends, or anyone else for that matter. What did you gain from it? Nothing...except maybe total humiliation.

But the humiliation gets me so hot and bothered, dontcha know? ;)

you can be prosecuted if you aren't 18. good job idiot.