By scarred4life - 18/01/2009 19:18 - Canada

Today, my mom gave me and my brothers each a cd of her recent photoshoot for her book. I found out later that my mom didn't know how to burn only SOME of the photos on the CD, and ended up burning all of the photos onto the CD. Some of the photos were provocative. FML
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send em and i'll be the judge of that

You sound like a bitch.


is your mum Madonna??

brisbane ftw i live in logan lol

Is your mom Danielle Steele??

send em and i'll be the judge of that

pics or it didn't happen?

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Haha I would throw up excessivly if... Ugh I can't even... Imagine and I really don't want to LOL

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You sound like a bitch.

Well first off, OP was stating her mom was being "provocative" not "proactive"..…

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Ewww on so many levels..

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holy sh!t. I feel SO bad for you!

Pics or it DIDNT HAPPEN!!! (had to say it)

WTF is wrong with you?