By sevenshotmovie - 21/09/2017 07:00 - United States - Sheffield

Today, I invited my boyfriend over to watch a movie with myself and a few friends. He got drunk, talked during the entire movie, fell into and broke my fan and then threw up all over my roommate's bathroom. He is still leaning over the toilet and my fan sounds like a woodpecker. FML
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unless he's a new boyfriend, you should've known how he would act.

Maybe use the fan noises to explain to your roommate a real animal came in to party!

Not a fan of Woody Woodpecker? Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!

So, you invited your boyfriend over to your friends house? For that reason, you deserve it.

Read much? It was the OP’s house. The bf vomited in the roommate’s bathroom. Lots of houses have multiple bathrooms.

It never says it was a friend's house. It's implied that it was OP's house by "invited him over" and "my roommate." Unless OP's roommate doesn't actually live with OP.

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The message here may be that he doesn't want to watch movies with you and your friends

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What a great way to show off your boyfriend to your friends. You must be awfully proud!

I think the only way I can accurately determine if your life sucked or you deserved it is if you tell what movie was being watched.