By Scottrick - / Sunday 1 March 2009 17:55 / United States
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  cxal_fml  |  0

Funny but Girl scouts does not allow 5 year olds to sell cookies - those are daisy scouts. Besides how did you know she was 5? - did you stop to ask her.


HOW CAN YOU NOT GET EXCITED OVER THEM?! THEY'RE SAMOAS! They are the best. Not even kidding. They are much more than "YEAH" worthy. More like, "THAT IS WHAT I LIKE!! HELL YES!! WOOO!!"

By  ODEEZY  |  0

dude my sister is a girl scout... not cool! not cool at all!.... You sicko!!!...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

By  Bibico_fml  |  0

#7: Bingo. OP: Maybe work on your vocabulary. Right now you're at about the level of a chimp if the best you can do is point at stuff and grunt "yeah".

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