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By Anonymous - 05/05/2013 15:53 - United States

Today, my dad called me a "deadbeat loser" after I came back from my first day of voluntary rehab for my meth problem. He's never had a job in his life and sits on the sofa all day, smoking weed and playing video games, all on my mom's salary. FML
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Good for you for getting clean. Why care what he says if he's such a loser?

#1 did you miss the part where he just got out of voluntary rehab?


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#1 did you miss the part where he just got out of voluntary rehab?

Hey at least he's getting help and trying to change. That's more than what his dad seems to be doing.

chowE_fml 4

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I am personally proud of him. It takes a lot to get up and go to rehab. It's really hard to get off of something expecially meth.

MindFreakazoid 10

Woah man, this is not a place for a caps lock rage. Shhh. In all seriousness, OP is in the process of changing that addiction with their rehab. This is progress, #1.

43- Omit the "kind of" and you'd be right.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I agree as well, 41. Wait..who are we agreeing with again?

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Even if that made sense, 24, it probably still would've been dumb.

hooligyn123 18

Oh trust me. Tweakers can hold down jobs, I have worked with quite a few in my day (Unfortunately none of them were even remotely close to wanting rehab) most of them just stole valuables from the elderly we took care of. Thankfully they all were fired eventually. Sadly not until years had passed and too many old ladies lost heirloom jewelry.

#1- I hope you never have to go through addiction or any of your loved ones. OP is at least trying to better them self, which is a lot more than most people can say; including you. Being nasty to a person doesn't make you a better of a human being.

Llamacod 11

116, I also hope that #1 never has to go through any relatives. That could be very messy if #1 has too much momentum.

Llamacod 11

Sorry, I meant loved ones not relatives.

BradTheBrony 19

Yeah, but the difference here is that OP is TRYING to better himself. The next step after a long and difficult rehabilitation process is probably getting employed.

He knew he needed help for his addiction.

He probably just doesn't want you to end up like him. Tough love

DyslexicPanda 12

Yea, cuz the weed-smoking bum only has his sons best interest in mind.. -_-

#87, he might realize that he's a sad loser and he just doesn't want his son to end up like him. Even a murderer or something even worse could do that, so I don't doubt that this father couldn't be looking out for his son the best way he can because he's a weed smoking bum.

Meth not even once. you dad is living the dream man. kick your habit :D

Llamacod 11

#140, are you on something? Your comment wasn't coherent at all.

Allow me to translate: I've never done meth, but your dad is living the dream! I would love to do that.

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courtney680 17

He made a bad choice. Meth is addicting. For some people it only take one time and they are hooked, so I'd say good job OP for trying to turn your life around.

it takes quite an irresponsible or dumb person to try meth in the first place. I will never have sympathy for op or any meth user because my fiances dad was an user and it destroyed her.

Some people start out their life rough because of their situation, like their parents. OP's mom works and his dad is already a druggie.

sdh715 6

So are you implying if a mother has a job then that increases the chances of children becoming drug addicts?

Jessj958 19

It's amazing what assholes some of you can be!! Having an addiction and being strong enough to admit and trying to better yourself is admirable. At least OP is trying to make changes to become a better person. The old saying "never judge a book by its cover" is something some of you should really think about. OP, congratulations on taking that 1st step to better your life!! I wish you the best :)

boobsarefun 4

You're not a druggie if you only smoke weed you dumbass. Weed isn't even bad for you so do some research before you make yourself look stupid again.

143, even weed is considered a drug. Pharmaceuticals are drugs, alcohol & tobacco are considered drugs. A drug is a substance that has a physiological effect besides on the body/mind when consumed that is not a food. Before calling someone an idiot & telling them to do their research, look up your own research.

therealafroninga 10

Hate the sin, not the sinner

Good for you for getting clean. Why care what he says if he's such a loser?

perdix 29

I've heard that potheads and meth addicts have a rivalry like Redskins and Cowboys fans. I guess this is kind of close.

Sounds like mom is an enabler. Best of luck to you op for getting clean.

At least you are helping yourself. Keep it up :) you're doing yourself good.

Yeah, truly shows a strong character if you're brave enough to fight such a tremendous addiction. I mean, people struggle to quit smoking and drinking and fail at that, and that doesn't even come close to the challenge quitting a drug like meth presents.

At least you're getting help, forget him

kathryn14 19

Good for you getting help. Don't worry about him

Hey, at least you're working to change your life. You're better than he is.