By Female_Lucifer - United States - New Lebanon
  Today, my father was taking pictures of my friend and me as we got ready for homecoming. After the pictures were taken, he offered to show us. He scrolled one picture too far and ended up showing us a picture of his penis. FML
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By  omgitsmoe  |  26

Did your friend smile ?

  Ruler3000  |  17

Way to be a dick #3

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Well damn, I'm just going to say random yet intellectual comments after the person who's next in line to get voted down

Hello, you guys may know me as Mcfeeli, but did you also know I'm not a robot? That's all for now folks, see you guys after the next comment, whenever that'll be.

  \  |  28

Yep. Noor just wrote what phonetically translates to "hah hah hah hah"

  Jazmine453  |  8

#55 I'm not saying that some people don't lie and act like they are sympathetic when they are not. I'm just saying that a lot of people really do have empathy for others. Also it's the internet people lie. Don't like it? Get off.

  \  |  28

It's alright #10. We still respect you regardless of the choices you make in life.