By Female_Lucifer - 20/10/2013 13:02 - United States - New Lebanon

Today, my father was taking pictures of my friend and me as we got ready for homecoming. After the pictures were taken, he offered to show us. He scrolled one picture too far and ended up showing us a picture of his penis. FML
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Did your friend smile ?

#3 wasn't being a dick, she was merely suggesting that if she were, #1 would want to see her as well.

23 - your big smile just goes perfect with this thread :) and number 1, that's just gross. He is your dad, sicko

I like how this thread goes: bad comment, good comment, bad...

Yes 1. She smiled at her friend's dad's penis. Yes 6. That was a bad pun. Yes 41. You misread this FML

That's a pretty dicky situation. Next time maybe your dad shouldn't cum?

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Come on, 61. He just wanted to get the money shot. Oh snap, crackle, and pop! Haha..

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45, I had to thumb down your comment to keep the pattern going... CRAP I'm next!

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Well damn, I'm just going to say random yet intellectual comments after the person who's next in line to get voted down Hello, you guys may know me as Mcfeeli, but did you also know I'm not a robot? That's all for now folks, see you guys after the next comment, whenever that'll be.

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You're right, Nyx, but I had to thumb you down to keep this pattern going!

Did your dad by chance want your friend to see it? Stranger things have happened. In any event I love the comment #1

The trend even continued after your comment

you have to admit, it was pretty ballsy.

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OP and her friend got the shaft

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That's a really sick way of looking at it #38.

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That wasn't my intention, 57. It was just a stupid attempt at a shaft joke :( and I failed at it. 5 did a better job at the shaft joke

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Yep. Noor just wrote what phonetically translates to "hah hah hah hah"

Honononononononononononononon *very nasal* à la French.

I bet he feels pretty shafted right now.

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My school had homecoming last night...

That was so relevant to my comment. Thank you for your input.

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OMG. That must've been pretty awkward. I'm sure you and your father will have a talk about that later, and I hope your friend tries to ignore it.

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Wtf why do people always act so damn sympathetic. It's so annoying.

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#32 Why does it have to be an act? Is empathy that unheard of.

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Yea it is. People don't want to be down voted so they act sympathetic

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#55 I'm not saying that some people don't lie and act like they are sympathetic when they are not. I'm just saying that a lot of people really do have empathy for others. Also it's the internet people lie. Don't like it? Get off.

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#55 You're looking too far into this. OP probably would appreciate some sympathy. All I know is that I would be pretty embarrassed had it been me.

Classic. The amount of times I nearly do this to people. Always delete!

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You often accidentally show people pictures of your penis?

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It's alright #10. We still respect you regardless of the choices you make in life.

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this would make the situation of this FML post even worst...

With that comment, it already is worse..

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That's the first thing I thought..

Maybe it was a full nude? See dad's face aaaaaannnnnnndddd he's naked.

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how DID she know?? Maybe the FML was just that her friend saw it, not OP....

Was it your boyfriend.......because akward level would increase by 1000

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Why would OP's dad have a picture of her boyfriends dick?

Wouldn't that be spelling and not grammar