By Ohfman117 - United States
Today, I was sneaking over to my girlfriend's house. I sent her mother a text message thinking it was my girlfriend saying "There's a stalker coming in to make you his play mate ;]" Unfortunately when I got to her window I was greeted by her dad with a bat. FML
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  fili450r  |  0

i have my g/f mom's number..she is really cool actually. plus, we cld be looking at this wrong..maybe her mother took her cell...and he sent the text...i had an ex that during the week at night her parents would take her she wouldnt text me.....ha, her parents were complete donkeys ~.~

  genius_man16  |  0

lots of people do!? Like whom?

Even if I would somehow get the opportunity to get my GF's mom's number I wouldn't take it...

@OP: I cannot stress how much you totally deserve this. I hope the dad whacked you with the bat a few times.

  blargity  |  0

#15 maybe he does, obviously??
or her mom had her phone and saw that text
and i think people are overreacting about this because it was a mistake and that doesn't mean he deserves it at all but that was a clever way to create a metaphor

  AAADDD  |  0

Totally. I've been with my gf for 7 months and I don't have her moms cell number I my phone. Oh! And I moderated this one! That's never happened to me before!

  SimpleSimon  |  0

I have both my girlfriend's parents' numbers, and her brother's, and his girlfriend's. Sometimes people need to contact each other. It doesn't mean I make a habit of calling them for a cosy chat.

  cljc  |  1

ummmm, they might have it for emergency's ?
like, some of my friends mums have my number in case they can't get hold of them
etc etc

  paperfox_fml  |  0

My boyfriend has my mum's mobile number. It's really not that uncommon. You'll realise this when you finally hold down a relationship for longer than 6 months.

  Juggababy33  |  0

its not like a "hey can i get your number " thing, usually it's if she didn't have a cellphone or if there were emergencies. I have my boyfriend's moms' number but we don't speak the same lang. so i wouldn't call her lol But it's more common than you think..

By  tay7  |  0

.. Since when do parents give their numbers out to their son or daughters ... boyfriend or girlfriend?

haha thats weirdd

you deserve it though.