By shiftybizniss - Canada
Today, I tried to sneak up on my girlfriend who was sitting in her car with one of her girlfriends. I snuck up to the driver's side window and tried to startle her by banging on the window. The window was down. My thumb went right in her eye. She has to wear a patch for 2 weeks. FML
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By  sinceidcishare  |  0

If it's an eye patch, like a pirate eye patch, that would be really more ways than one... ;}

Plus, I would love to have an answer to the question #2 asked. How did you not notice the window was down??

By  Lauriebug  |  0

haven't you ever run into a screendoor/glass door because you had already decided it was open and thus completely ignored the signs to the contrary?

it's amazingly easy to mistake something like that.

i find this hilarious and i hope your girlfriend does too.. after the pain stops at least.

By  abuu  |  0

haha! Well are you still in a relatonship? or did she dump you?
Wouldnt be surprised. i bet she doesnt like looking like a pirate too much!