By shiftybizniss / Thursday 16 April 2009 18:43 / Canada
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By  sinceidcishare  |  0

If it's an eye patch, like a pirate eye patch, that would be really awesome...in more ways than one... ;}

Plus, I would love to have an answer to the question #2 asked. How did you not notice the window was down??

By  Lauriebug  |  0

haven't you ever run into a screendoor/glass door because you had already decided it was open and thus completely ignored the signs to the contrary?

it's amazingly easy to mistake something like that.

i find this hilarious and i hope your girlfriend does too.. after the pain stops at least.

By  abuu  |  0

haha! Well are you still in a relatonship? or did she dump you?
Wouldnt be surprised. i bet she doesnt like looking like a pirate too much!

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