By AnonymousLoser - 11/09/2013 09:30 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend invited me over for the first time. I pulled up to her house just to be denied at the front door by her mum. She'd invited me over to break up with me, but had her mum do it for her. FML
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Ye, that's what text messages and Facebook is for these days...

Am I really the only one who thinks a genuine possibility might be that the mother is the one against the relationship, and did this behind the daughter's back? Some parents aren't above this sort of behaviour, really. Hard to say which is worse but I do hope that it's the mother being a bitch and trying to sabotage the relationship rather than the girlfriend being that immature and selfish... OP, if your gf never actually spoke to you or confirmed the breakup, maybe try to contact at her at least once just in case, if only to get some closure. Best of luck xx

#44 That is true. However, if the girlfriend really did tell her mother that and her mother complied, then OP could end up getting in more trouble. Who knows what lengths she might go to avoid telling OP that she broke up with him directly? She might be silly enough to call the cops.

.. She could call the cops, but then what? They look at the text messages, slap her with a false police report fine, and leave

Extremely rude. Bitch better pay for the gas I wasted to get to go to your house only to get dumped.

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Some parents think they're protecting their children when they "help" with things like this. I remember back when I started out in high school I broke up with a girl I only dated for a month or so and soon enough I get a call from her mom lecturing me on how great her daughter was and what an idiot I was for breaking it off. Sometimes it's understandable, others it's completely uncalled for and overbearing in my opinion.

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Don't insult 4 year olds, they have more sense than that. They don't like someone? They kick, punch or shove them and it sends the message.

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Next thing you know, she'll be telepathically breaking up with her future boyfriends.

Seriously? That girl needs to grow up. If she was that immature to not even break up with OP face to face, she shouldn't even be in a relationship.

She was too much of a coward to do it herself.

Ah the ever improving ways to heartlessly break up with someone with no integrity because you lack the guts to do it yourself.

If she was making somebody else do it for her, be glad that it's over so you can find somebody thats a wee bit better. Some people just have no sense of courtesy.

Don't take it personally, she didn't want to hurt your feelings ;)

Whenever I see a winky face, I automatically assume the comment is a sexual innuendo. WHERE'S MY INNUENDO?!

It reminds me of a Beatles song, I can't remember which but basically the girl is in the house and the mother denies the guy at the door and pretends her daughter is not home. That's awful, OP. I'm sorry. :( If she was not able to properly break up with you, she is not even worth your time because she couldn't bring herself to do it.

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#7, that idea is also in a Squeeze song called "Slap And Tickle," except it was a father.

It's called "No Reply" and it's on the "Beatles For Sales" album "This happened once before When I came to your door No reply They said it wasn't you But I saw you peep through your window"

Kind of remniscent of Dr Hook's "Sylvia's Mother", as well.

You know, I almost said "No Reply" but I was too lazy to Google it. I like to be correct before I post things on here. Thank you for that!

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Is her mom cute? You know, you're there anyhow, you might as well try for a rebound date.

she's not a good person... people like that are annoying to deal with.

LOL. That is so weird. ever think you are dating too young?

You can tell their age just by reading the FML? Damn you're good.

I think he he was just making a joke and calling his ex girlfriend a child.