By taroschain - 30/07/2016 21:19 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I realized I got more birthday wishes from people checking my ID for alcohol purchases than from friends. FML
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Huh, didn't think this would make it. Neat. Thanks for the birthday wishes! To clear a few things up: 1. I started getting birthday wishes from ID checkers a week before my birthday and for a few days after, during which time I went on a couple beer runs for my roommate, bought a bottle of wine for a family dinner, had a weekly girls' night out with some coworkers and, yes, went barhopping with a friend on the day of. 2. I only got Facebook because my college required it and didn't bother filling in the information other than schooling. 3. I'm not one of those people who reminds everyone about their birthday five times a day for two weeks, and I track friends' birthdays on my iPod calendar. Also, I'm a bit of a workaholic and tend to forget events if they don't affect my work schedule (thus the calendar) and didn't actually realize my birthday was coming up until it was mentioned on one of said aforementioned beer runs. 4. Partly due to a lack of FB and other social networking, most of my friends are either from work or people I was really close to in high school and chose to keep in contact with via phone or e-mail (I'm an old person in a 25-year old body. I knit too!). Also guildmates, but I don't think that counts. Hope this helps!

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fotomiep 7

Maybe it's time to buy less alcohol?


fotomiep 7

Maybe it's time to buy less alcohol?

Or more friends lol. Anyway, happy belated birthday OP!

Happy Birthday! Sorry that your friends aren't willing to wish you that though, just keep your head up and have a great time!

askullnamedbilly 33

That tells me either none of your friends bothered to congratulate you or you bought a LOT of alcohol on one single day.

How many times did you buy alcohol in one day?

That explains why you are buying so much alcohol...

Same thing happend too me as well. Keep your head up and work at life and getting better friends it will all workout

Happy birthday! See, the Internet is always here for you!

A guy, once told me, that the only person that should remember anyone's birthday is a mother. And instead of getting upset of who remembered it or not, one should call the people you want to celebrate it with and have fun. Since then, this has worked for me!

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