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  friedpwnadge  |  25

This is no small problem. If you have politicians in your workplace then there must be an unsecured source of money on the premises. Make sure to lay out some traps.

By  Welshite  |  39

I need to know your workplace's address, OP. If it takes a hour for someone to arrive after the alarm has been set off, then I'm in for some nighttime activity.

  rg350dx  |  29

Seriously. I thought most security companies called the police for you after establishing there was a break in, not have what I assume to be the proprietor, take an hour car ride to get to the scene. Might be time to switch security companies or just invest in an array of booby traps.

  Dark_Stream  |  29

#20, many police departments will fine you if you have too many false alarms. A better security company will investigate for you and call police if necessary.

A few more of those 2 hour drives and you'll be hiring a new security company to do the rat patrols.