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Yes, believe it or not women have to shave their toes/feet/armpits/legs/and any other part they feel like shaving, because just like any human we have hair all over our body and we like to get rid of it any way we can

  The_Pleb  |  0

I find girls with hairy toes a turn on.

I say if youve got it flaunt it, not everyone is privileged to having hairy toes you know.

YDI for shaving off your dignity.

  PhoenixKyttyn  |  8

#1 bp8soccer: You're an ass. Just because you don't have hairy toes doesn't mean other people don't. Some people's genes cause them to have more body hair than others. I unfortunately have the same problem. It's an uncomfortable and embarrasing thing to have to live with without having "perfect" people like "you" ridicule us.

By  MaddogTotten  |  0

Hairy feet and backs are normal. Both my stepdaughter and daughter are doomed to having excess hair. Fortunately for my daughter I have blond body hair so she wont have to worry about it. It isn't anything you should worry about either. Be glad that it's winter time so you won't have to explain any foot injuries. Even if you did you could always say you scraped it getting out of a pool. The beauty of lying is that if no one knows your motives no one ever questions your stories.

By  nenagh_  |  0

aww :( maybe you should wax them instead? more painful when you get it done, but you won't have weird toe-hair stubble and it lasts longer. plus your toes will be silky smooooth