By tstaeger - 24/07/2010 05:20 - United States

Today, I tried drinking "Smart Water" for the first time. I couldn't figure out how to open the bottle. FML
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Water is water is water is water is water. No need buying fancy shit.

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can you open a roll of Smarties candy or is that also too difficult?


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awhh :( please disregard comment #4, my itouch tricked me.

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Wait... you just twist it, don't you?

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Well apparently you didn't pass the test. Your not smart enough to drink the smart water. >:3

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No need for smart water. Get water of average intelligence. The smart ones always make you look like a dumbass.

wat r u 3? and by the way wat is smart water? I'm Australia :)

...isn't it just a normal water bottle? Failure at it's best.

@40 It's a fancy brand of bottled water that Americans are being subjected to. Really, it doesn't taste any better than tap (in most regions) and isn't much cleaner. Really, it only pollutes the environment and makes the drinkers feel good about themselves.

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Some of the bottles have wierd caps. They have a pull thingy that's hidden.

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51, i thought it had like electrolytes and stuff in it and it's like filtered a different way than normal water. well that's what the bottle says.. and I'm pretty sure everything tastes better than the tap water were I live xD one time the entire football team got sick from drinking so much of it xD

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dumbasses should NOT drink smart water. lol

twist....pull. twist....pull. don't worry R-tard u'll get it in a few yrs

69, your right. they tell u on the bottle why it's smart water

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haha awesome if I was u iwould buy a whole case!!!

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well smart water isnt just for ANYONE yu know

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actually. it's pumped full of electrolytes. like powerade or Gatorade. but without the taste

actually it's pumped full of electrolytes. hence the name. "Smart Water"

Dude all bottled water is tap (except fidji)

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first ^.^ and try asking a smart person to open it, wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.

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13, you're extremely ugly and 4 is better looking than you, so don't tell her that her joke was bad

76, don't call people ugly or tell them that there are better-looking when you don't even have a picture

I think they're both ugly. Although, Selena ain't so bad lookin'. :D

people put their pictures up.. open to the public; therefore, anyone with or without a picture can make comments on it. I don't agree with calling people ugly, but it's a free country.

it's amazing that the ones who call other hot rarely have pics. but they are just ashamed of themselves I guess. oh well.

I'm not ashamed of myself. I just enjoy anime and feel having it as my profile pic shows the world my interests

Since I became a member of FML I had some comments moderated or removed for my choice of words, so I know that moderators take care of inappropriate comments. But here I see one commenter openly insulting another one as being ugly. This is simply not fair to the recipient of that insult. And no, there is a clear difference between freedom of speech and insult.

Water is water is water is water is water. No need buying fancy shit.

Normally I would agree with but I've tried the Glaceau Smart water. It definitely quenched my thirst better than any other water. I think it's because they put electrolytes in it, so it's like a Gatorade without the flavor.

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It doesn't need to be fancy but not all waters taste the same. I drink plenty to know the difference in some.

If you got the one with the sports bottle top don't feel so bad. I had a really hard time opening it too, but I did ask someone to help.

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exactly, don't see how water can be smart. YDI for wasting money on expensive water

ummm... smart water is just water that is purified by steam.... and it has a twist off cap like any other water.... wow.

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I don't think it's called "smart water" because it's brain smart. I think it's called "smart water" because it's healthier and it will be smart of you to drink it than others. All water isn't same like more expensive bottled water have alot of bleach and chemicals in it that was used to clean it, cheaper bottled water are usually just filtered, and haven't anyone heard that it's dangerous to drink bottled water everyday because of chemicals. I think "smart water" doesn't have all that stuff in it.

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how can water be healthier than other water? water is water

Whether it's cleaner or dirtier comes to mind