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  katplayer  |  4

@40 It's a fancy brand of bottled water that Americans are being subjected to. Really, it doesn't taste any better than tap (in most regions) and isn't much cleaner. Really, it only pollutes the environment and makes the drinkers feel good about themselves.

  hippiechick96  |  3

51, i thought it had like electrolytes and stuff in it and it's like filtered a different way than normal water. well that's what the bottle says.. and I'm pretty sure everything tastes better than the tap water were I live xD one time the entire football team got sick from drinking so much of it xD

  jearojas  |  4


  sc95060sc  |  0

people put their pictures up.. open to the public; therefore, anyone with or without a picture can make comments on it. I don't agree with calling people ugly, but it's a free country.

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

Since I became a member of FML I had some comments moderated or removed for my choice of words, so I know that moderators take care of inappropriate comments. But here I see one commenter openly insulting another one as being ugly. This is simply not fair to the recipient of that insult. And no, there is a clear difference between freedom of speech and insult.

  maskedman  |  9

Normally I would agree with but I've tried the Glaceau Smart water. It definitely quenched my thirst better than any other water. I think it's because they put electrolytes in it, so it's like a Gatorade without the flavor.

By  CatEyes66  |  0

I don't think it's called "smart water" because it's brain smart. I think it's called "smart water" because it's healthier and it will be smart of you to drink it than others. All water isn't same like more expensive bottled water have alot of bleach and chemicals in it that was used to clean it, cheaper bottled water are usually just filtered, and haven't anyone heard that it's dangerous to drink bottled water everyday because of chemicals. I think "smart water" doesn't have all that stuff in it.