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Today, our carbon monoxide detector started beeping. My mom started freaking out and made me go stand outside so I "don't die". I stood outside for 20 minutes, it was raining and it turned out that the detector was just low on battery. FML
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why did she stay inside if she was like "your gonna diee" ...


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try not exhaling so close to the detector next time.

YDI for not ignoring it and hitting it until it turns off like normal people.

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op you complain too much. what if the alarm went off and you actually died. hmm? would you like that instead of a lil rain?

58 how could you possibly know that OP complains too much? seeing as this is probably OPs first FML. OP is obviously pissed because his/her life was not in danger but she was forced to stand I'm the rain. I'm pretty sure that the alarm makes two different noises and OPs mom didn't know the difference. That's why OP is pissed so don't act like you would be all happy about it if it happened to you.

64 you just sound like a little bitch because her mom clearly does not know the "noises" and so she's just trying to be a good mother by keeping her daughter safe. 20 minutes of rain? big whoop. grow a pair.

This is crazy! If the mom doesn't care about the kid, she puts up an fml. If the mom does care, she still puts up an fml. Is there no pleasing these people?!

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it's only rain, it won't hurt you...

23- yea I would rather not die, what if it really was detecting some Carbon monoxide

there really needs to be a sarcasm font

21 You breathe out Carnbon Dioxide, not Carbon Monoxide. If you breathe out Carbon Monoxide, you'd be dead.

oh gosh.. to all the people calling op a whiny bitch, calm yourselves. op was just trying to get something on fml. most of the ops are. they find a story, they put it up. otherwise there would be no fml. so y'all need to stop complaining about this "ungrateful generation" -_____-""

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that was really caring of the mother..she potentially risked her own life by staying inside the house to see what was wrong...had there been a carbon monoxide cud have been fatal but she wud have saved her daughters thankful to God u have such a selfless mother n stop complaining about harmless rain u spoilt brat!!!!!

84 stfu I'm explaining why she was pissed you would be too you retarded mofo. learn to read. oh god people on FML are such bitches now.

why did she stay inside if she was like "your gonna diee" ...

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it never said she stayed inside...

yes it may be better safe than sorry but it's a different beeping pattern for the warning and low battery normally

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And if it's never gone off they probably wouldn't recognize it, and it would be better to get their child out of the house until they knew then wait and see if they die or not.

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If you have a gas fire or a gas cooker you need a carbon monoxide detector. About 10 years ago I didn't have one and I got carbon monoxide poisoning cos my gas fire was leaking it. Better safe than sorry cos carbon monoxide doesn't have a smell like gas does

Maybe you should've paid more attention in science class :)?

Refer to my reply to the guy under this post.

Think it's best if you shut up before you look even dumber xD

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Do you seriously believe carbon monoxide only comes from cars or factories? You should read a book before you open your mouth, trying to make OP look dumb, because you look like an idiot right now. CO can come from combustion in which there is not enough oxygen to produce CO2... such as a stove. Please go take a chemistry class before you try to pretend you know everything.

Carbon monoxide can actually come from things like generators and pressure washers too... it can be emitted from burning wood, charcoal, coal, etc. Get ur facts straight before u criticize! Carbon monoxide is a big deal, and it's best to cover all ur bases like OP's parents did!

No idiot. did you do chemistry at school? burning wood does not produce carbon monoxide. It produces carbon dioxide. The only time burning organic matter produces carbon monoxide is if it's burnt with a lack of oxygen. So a open fire will not produce carbon monoxide. Burning charcoal does not produce carbon monoxide unless burnt in a lack of oxygen either. ( Not enough oxygen molecules available to fully produce dioxide) Burning fuel (cars, generators etc does produce carbon monoxide! and so generator does fall under the category of vehicle because it combusts fuel) Maybe you shoul have done chemistry at school bro

Before you call people idiots it might help to get your facts straight. In a perfect textbook situation you are (partly) right. But in practice almost every fire produces small amounts of carbon monoxide simply because no fire burns perfectly. Poor ventilation around a fire quickly makes the percentage of carbon monoxide rise thus creating a dangerous situation. So when burning things (any type of fuel) inside a detector is useful.

Ok so you agree it's safe to say that an outdoor fire will produce next to no CO, and if there was an outdoor fire, there is no point in going outside, and if it was an indoor fire in a fire place like ours, with a glass door, the fumes go out the chimney anyway. Unless it was a open fire (no door) there could be CO produced, but who has a fire on in the summer (OP is from US.)

Pendatik I understand what you're saying. To be honest I have never heard of CO detectors available on the market here in AUS. I know the mines and so on use them. We only have smoke detectors here for households use.

We dont even have smoke detectors over here in the third world :(

Carbon monoxide detectors are required here. I have one on every floor of my house. It isn't as crazy as you may believe, Marinus.

Just to back marinus, I live in Australia too and have never heard of them either, so the fact the he doesn't know too much about them isn't really his fault, it's just that they mustn't be too popular here. Sounds like a good device though.

@Sebastian_NG But you have the internet? Methinks there is a troll

I've never heard of carbon monoxide detectors in houses either. I don't think we get them here in aus.

Docbastard - You have them to avoid litigation as punitives are more likely to destroy companies and lives than carbon emissions are. As a side note your profile states you may hate people for commenting on pictures, yet, you may comment because you just hate their face. Isn't that commenting on a pictute?

In canada, it is highly recommended to have a CO detector in your house. so I guess it just depends on where you live.

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that's why the US has a bigger population than AUS. GO CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS!!!!

^ compare how long each country has been colonised then re-think your comment ********.

Just because you've never heard of something, or have never seen it in action is absolutely no excuse to call bullshit on it in a global forum without checking your facts. I'd have expected better of an Australian - we're on the wrong end of that crap often enough to not do it ourselves.

at least you're alive and if hypothermia kicks in; you know it worked.

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o.o there was a south park episode with 3dg in it?

Your mother loves you enough to be concerned for your life, be grateful for that.

Wow OP, you're right... how inconsiderate of your mother to not take what could of been crucial minutes for your life and hers to check if the battery was just low... OP, stfu and be glad you have a mother that understands when that alarm goes off you get out the house for your lives sake...

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Your sarcasm is unattractive.

While I completely agree, I still don't understand why it took his mom 20 minutes to figure out that the battery was low.

#59, I'm going to guess that she didn't realize that it was low batteries, and was trying to find the source of the gas leak? Which raises even further questions on what she thought it looked like...