Morning pick-me-up

By Anonymous - 30/01/2011 05:05 - United States

Today, upon waking up, I took a sip on what I thought was a cup of water on my nightstand. I quickly discovered it was my roommate's cup of used mouthwash which she was too lazy to throw out the night before. FML
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why did your roomate leave it on your nightstand?

That's bad however there could have been far worse things in that cup.


Bubblerider 3

for the fruity taste that shows! ...sorry that just popped into my head....

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why would it be in a cup?? why didnt they spit it in the sink???

you roommates ability to spit mouthwash into a cup impresses me

That's bad however there could have been far worse things in that cup.

I'm more surprised that you forgot you didn't put any water next to your bed the night before...

If its a thing she does regularly, she can't be blamed for forgetting

Why leave it on the nightstand? What's wrong with a bathroom?

More like why was their room mates cup in their room

Ew that's so gross, but how can you forget putting water next to your bed the night before?

deeters 0

Thats pretty nasty! Now you'll always think twice before drinking water from the nightstand lol

Especially if you don't remember putting it there.

FYLDeep 25

That's just stupid. Why would anyone drink out of a random cup lying around?

i do it all the time. assuring me its water, of course.

FYLDeep 25

But you at least remember how the cup got there, right?

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But if he remembers how the cup got there then it's not just a random cup lying around. How do you assure yourself it's plain water, gabinel1? It could have something diluted and you probably wouldn't notice before drinking it.

I find it weird that her roommate's cup of mouthwash is in her room. sounds like a bs story to me.