By luvlessbootycall - United States
  Today, my boyfriend of three months texted me saying he loves me. I excitedly started texting back, "I love you too." Before I even got done, he messaged again saying, "Can you send a pic of your tits to me now?" FML
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  joseph4242423  |  0

I love how it is just women and a gay Asian who find this to be faulty. Three months and you haven't shown your tits? Come on. By the way all you hairy ass feminists who are gonna egasm over this don't bother. I swear most women are hypocrits when it comes to their bodies. Of course when a guy whistles at a hot girl he is a pig, but the girl who wore no bra and a tight tshirt with short shorts is a vitctim of the "pig".

  Trupe  |  3

Haha that really is hilarious. I bet he thought he made some kind of brilliant scientific breakthrough. I've been doing it all wrong! I'll tell her I love her THEN ask for a picture of her tits! It's foolproof!

  epr  |  0

Reminds me alot of someone, hahaha.
All he wanted was my body, of course I wasnt stupid enough to fall for it, but he never gave up.
It got so crazzy annoying, I just emotionally butchered him with unappealing words.
Most things with a penis... just no.

  Jizwold  |  0

lol that sounds like my ex wrote this. nearly the same thing happend haha but I'm kind of a dick... so ya probably not the best thing to say to her

  Rwstudent1  |  0

That guy is not smooth at all. Most likely a TOOL and a complete D-bag who doesnt know how to treat a lady. Your call OP keep him or leave. But dont expect to get much respect out of him in the future. Even less if you put out.

  dgaf247  |  0

80 - I find it hard to believe that someone can call another person a tool when you posted a picture of yourself without a shirt in FML... that's classic tool behavior. sounds like the pot calling the kettle black huh?

  the17doctor  |  12

gotta love how you getting it wrong was the number your post was :P

i thought you were saying it as a joke til i read the next post

but yeah, that guy is really way more smoother ways of doing it than that.

  ajporrasm  |  0

yeah I agree with 124. you're calling someone else a tool and a d-bag, yet here you are with a profile pic with your shirt off. hypocrite? hmmm.
I also know I do not have a picture, I can't put one through my mobile but I will soon :P

  Rwstudent1  |  0

124 and 128. Really? Come on guys. there is also a word called stereotype. Just because i have this pic doesnt automatically make me a TOOL. just like i wouldnt look at 124s pic and assume that hes a nerd that never gets laid. Stereotypes man. Lets all play nice.

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

Dear OP,

If his mother sympathizes with you convince her to let you take a picture of her breasts, send THAT to your boyfriend, when he notices they aren't yours, suggest the possibility of a threesome, and ask if he liked them, when he's in over his head, tell him who they really belong to, that will teach him not to be such a douchebag!

  MrSassypants  |  32

I was gonna say you fail at life with your fail face and your failness at everything but noticed you didn't mean to be first. so you don't fail at everything! jk ;)

  jearojas  |  4

agree with number 10