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Today, I was doing a design sketch for work. I snapped a pic and sent it to my boss. She replied, "Impressive. Nice sketch too." I was drawing at home, naked. My dick was in the picture. FML
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I am a design engineer. My boss is good looking, but married. I apologised the next day, she said no hard feelings, pun intended. 'she's very funny'

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No size jokes so I guess you'll be alright lol

That comment was small in the entertainment department, just like OP's penis.

Not according to the one who said it was impressive.

#60, your comment was completely unnecessary.

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It's *you're. You called someone an idiot and misspelled it twice.

skittyskatbrat 19

I really hope that was intentional irony? "You're" funny!

Your should be you're as in you are the first two times

Damn Captain obvious thank you for your input

What were you sketching? And how did you not notice -- Don't tell me you had a boner.

I've seen so many FMLs of people taking videos or pictures while naked and it always ends with them accidentally in the shot. Seriously, either check the photos or don't take photos naked!

I assume the times they didn't get their nakedness in the shot, didn't make it to FML.

Your boss sounds awesome lol, I'm assuming it's the gender you prefer, and you might as well try get in there lol.

Well why were you drawing naked in the first place?

In GTA3, theres a line on the radio that says "I was born naked and I will die naked."... Maybe he lives by this philosophy too.

I do everything in my home naked. If I am home, I am naked. The OP is working from home, maybe he is most comfortable naked.

Maybe it's hot where he lives but his building predates AC. Happened to me a few times when I lived in big cities!

It is a writing technique some people use. It is believed by many psychologists that what you wear and surround yourself with can influence how you think and act. For example: It is recommended that you dress up for phone interviews so that you feel the part and remember to be professional. Also for writing or drawing being naked is said to free you completely from most influences and helps creative flow and possibly helping you find new perspective.

Maybe you should have checked the pic before you sent it.

Unless it was an intentional attempt for a raise or something. Smart thinking, OP, smart thinking.

I believe this is one where we need a follow up.

Your dick being in the picture is something you definitely should have noticed, but on the bright side at least your boss didn't seem to be too bothered by it.

skittyskatbrat 19

That was an awesome response by the boss...could have been really bad instead of just taken in good humor. Boss sounds like a good one to work for!