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how come men are sometime told to "grow a pair" when they are born with a penis? "grow a pair" is an expression people often use for both women and men, meaning stop being a coward. Gosh I was just joking around..

  benniful  |  0

wow... everybodies such a dry crusty ass prude when it comes to joking around on fml! they should seriously consider re-naming it to "gosh what a bunch of insecure little niches trying to make themselves feel better by either hating on each other, or being a fucking prude and calling someone an idiot" None of you have the fucking right above anyone else! Hahaha op you should have dislodged your shoe from his lower intestine and ran before he kicked you back, but why kick a guy in the nuts or a girl in the bewbz. That's just fighting dirtyyy.x(