By Alyssa Charlotte - 29/07/2011 02:25 - Mexico

Today, after being terrified for years, I went on a plane for the first time. It was also the first time I "emergency landed." FML
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the odds are very slim. but seriously OP don't let it get to you the odds of it happening to you again are smaller than Justin beibers penis!


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not very much. op this is just a huge coincidence don't let it get to you

the odds are very slim. but seriously OP don't let it get to you the odds of it happening to you again are smaller than Justin beibers penis!

22, judging by her name, I don't that's possible.

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67- Yes, but some people are dumber than others. And it is more or less the internet's job to make everyone feel stupid at some point or another.

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#35- Help her out, where'd you buy you vag seeds?

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37 you clearly are Shia labeouf and your movies suck

67 - the name 'FML' is way more catchy than ur new name 4 the site

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#35 you just lowered everyones intelligance

67-When the term TLDNR applies to your comments, you really need to learn when to shut up...idiot.

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No one died last year in America from a commercial plane crash. Don't worry, that's better odds than driving.

flying is still the safest way to travel. superman said it so it must be true!

Yes it is very safe you are most likely to crash in a car than a plane.

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74, one incident compared to the thousands of car crashes each day? Oh, okay.

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those thousand crashes rarely result in loss of life. Most plane crashes will lose several lives if not more. ratio is a lil different....

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"Emercency landed...?" Isn't that when you poop your pants?

At least you emergency landed other than crash landed

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That was one punlicious pun.

Probably because the pilot can only speak Spanish while flying over the border.

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so I'm guessing you agreed to open the door in case of an emergency, first one on the ground