By OutOfWork.OutOfTime - United States - Cookeville
Today, I had my first job interview since graduating from university. The person who interviewed me informed me that not using my degree after two years practically makes it null and void. I guess instead of being a financial advisor at the company, I could always be a janitor there. FML
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  swanheart  |  35

It depends - I know for my degree we are told if we don't use our qualification for two years we get deregistered because we can't prove we've been keeping our skills and knowledge up to date. I know op is applying to be a financial adviser so it might be different for them but that's what came to mind when I read what the interviewer said and maybe that's what he meant?

  mwali02  |  32

I agree with #1. Don't give up. Keep applying. If they want you, they can give you the appropriate training as well. Don't count yourself out. Go get em! :)


It's the vicious circle of employment, can't get a job without experience but can't get experience without a job.
Had to deal with that for three years once before someone gave me a go.

  maximus_prime  |  24

#63, that's exactly what I was told in my first few interviews, I should have volunteered my services whilst studying, that way I would have had the qualifications as well as 3 years experience. Only need to volunteer a few hours a week but it looks good on the resume'.


True, my bad. I inferred it from the no interviews since graduating university two years ago. He could be working at the job he had while attending. (Or like I did whoring your tech skills for tacos and booze and taking some time off before jumping into a career)

By  Le_ponderer  |  14

Do not let anyone determine your worth. Jobs are not so easy to come by OP but remember that you successfully completed your university classes. That means that you are intelligent and capable. Keep believing in yourself and putting yourself out there. You will get a suitable job.

By  gosh_mate  |  30

Maybe to that company it is, but technically you have your degree for your whole life, maybe you'll be abut rusty but I'm sure someone will want to hire you.

  Shade1982  |  20

Well, you're right about the degree being always valid, but you can't keep trading off on that. Do you think you still remember your education in ten years? I don't, I remember what I used in my line of work, but I don't think I remember what I learned.