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  genius_man16  |  0

It sounds to me like the guy doesn't think they are dating. I mean, he could be a total asshole sure, but it sounds more to me like she thinks/wishes they were dating when they aren't.

  Mo_mo  |  0

i agree. i think she's delusional.... Honey, if he's forward enough to say that to u, he doesnt really give a damn about u. get what u want and move the hell on.

  chinolatino  |  0

Who says they were in a relationship? They're dating, and it doesn't say anywhere exclusively.

IMO, the girl needs to stand up and start a relationship if she really feels uncomfortable with him seeing other people.

  Skystriker  |  0


Either you guys had miscommunication on what was actually going on, or miscommunication on whether it was exclusive. Either way, your fault. Most guys aren't just mental.

By  CFR  |  0

Men are so stupid sometimes....
("You're ruining my game, bleeeh." Why go out with her in the first place you stupid shit?...)
Sorry OP, I would dump him.
OR even better: If you see him with another girl, run over and slap him and cause a huge scene about it. Why? Because it would be funny. Then you can just walk away and never worry about him again. =)