By Intheway - 29/08/2009 20:42 - United States

Today, the guy I've been dating tells me that I need to stop hanging on him in public because it's ruining his game with other girls. FML
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Instead of whining about it, realize he's a jerk and stop dating him. No one can mistreat you unless you allow them to.


she's dating him, and he just told her he was trying to date other girls.

It sounds to me like the guy doesn't think they are dating. I mean, he could be a total asshole sure, but it sounds more to me like she thinks/wishes they were dating when they aren't.

Yeah exactly what I was thinking Genius_Man.

i agree. i think she's delusional.... Honey, if he's forward enough to say that to u, he doesnt really give a damn about u. get what u want and move the hell on.

I think you should tell him that you can't be together, he's ruining your game for other boys, Fight Fire with Fire =)

I agree. If he doesn't want to be with you in public he doesn't deserve you. Dumb his ass.

Who says they were in a relationship? They're dating, and it doesn't say anywhere exclusively. IMO, the girl needs to stand up and start a relationship if she really feels uncomfortable with him seeing other people.

sounds like he dumped already.

YDI for being clingy.

yeah, because monogamy is a bad thing

YDI~ Either you guys had miscommunication on what was actually going on, or miscommunication on whether it was exclusive. Either way, your fault. Most guys aren't just mental.

kinda confused... just dont be obsessive and clingy next time..

Instead of whining about it, realize he's a jerk and stop dating him. No one can mistreat you unless you allow them to.

Wouldn't happen to be the same chick from the last FML, would it? lol the solution is obvious, babe

OP By any chance, you wouldn't happen to know the girl who wrote the FML before this one because both of your FMLs are very similar.

Leave him. He'll probably cheat on you if he's worried about his game because of you.

So you can't muster up the self-respect to leave him and move on? Yep, FYL.

Men are so stupid sometimes.... ("You're ruining my game, bleeeh." Why go out with her in the first place you stupid shit?...) Sorry OP, I would dump him. OR even better: If you see him with another girl, run over and slap him and cause a huge scene about it. Why? Because it would be funny. Then you can just walk away and never worry about him again. =)

OP, I like this person's idea. Do it. You'll thank both us and yourself later.