By Jacklyn - 18/03/2012 19:18 - United States - Chicago

Today, my fiancé and I decided to have a romantic rendezvous on the trampoline in our backyard. Or at least it was romantic, until I accidentally rolled off and all but crushed our dog. FML
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That poor dog, having to witness you guys fail at your "romantic rendezvous" and almost be crushed on top of it all. Or, shall I say, at the bottom.


How can you have a "romantic rendezvous" on a trampoline ?

You should probably stay on the bottom next time so you don't fly off of him mid-bounce, OP.

Doesn't matter, had sex.

I'm sure the dog was "flattered" by this performance. ;)

Your dog was trying to save you by cushioning your landing... Too bad that didn't work out though

#8, you must be either retarded, or don't know what rendezvous means. Here is the dumb mother fucker version for you: Romantic Rendezvous on a trampoline = Sexy Meet up on the bouncy!

Fuck the dog's life.. You at least had sex

That poor dog, having to witness you guys fail at your "romantic rendezvous" and almost be crushed on top of it all. Or, shall I say, at the bottom.

Trampoline sex is the best, but only if you stay in the middle. Sorry for your dog. I'm sure he'll run and hide next time you get frisky.


That poor dog!!

3- Your pic resembles the part of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Movie where the Rangers were sky diving.

I think that's what it is

I think that's what it is

No. It was later crushed by a full-speed locomotive. Tragic.

And the last thing he saw was two humans trying to imitate his style...on a trampoline.

When is a romantic rendezvous on a trampoline ever a good idea?

It's not that bad if you stay in the middle and the tramp's big enough. But I was just kissing, so that might be a little different.

Lol just a little...

too bad OP's never heard of nets.

#50, agreed. Everyone says just "stay in the middle". Every trampoline I've been on has a god damn net.

When is having a dog anywhere in the vincinity during a romantic rendevouz a good idea? Last thing anyone needs to interrupt sex is the dog, whether barking, trying to jump up, taking a smelly dump nearby, or trying to lick you!

The wind stole our trampoline net and poles :/...

Romantic rendezvous belong indoors

Or on the internet!

Or in hot tubs

That's what beds are for , that and sleeping.

And touching yourself during the night :D *fap fap fap*

I like sleep :-)

So boring #9! It's fun to do the deed in new and different places.


Yes! At least one person gets it!

Haha, win, I love that episode. All the kids end up sprawled injured in the yard..

I can only imagine this happening if you were by the edge, or on a kiddy trampoline.

I'm guessing it got a little bouncy...

No figuratively. It didn't get bouncy one bit.