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I mean, to be honest op, people who work on farms, or any place really, do chores at any time of a day. Having a full day schedule sometimes makes it hard to be done by 6 or 7. I know people who go nonstop until 8 at night.

  JE553  |  9

I'm pretty sure OP was trying to say washing your horses hair would not take so long that they would not be able to make a 9:30pm date, thus making #4's point valid

  threer  |  30

Crazy-horse-lady . She loves to ride as much as crazy-cat ladies pamper their pussies. :::;)

  ElricMustang  |  23

Well, I wouldn't use the fact that it was the first date in years to date someone. That sounds more like a pity date, and I wouldn't want to do that for someone, or have it done to me.