By AtLeastHaveADecientExcuse - 28/08/2013 13:25

Today, my first date in years cancelled on me because she has to "wash the horse's hair." The date was arranged for 9:30pm. FML
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The_9th_Doctor 18

did you arrange a date with Sarah Jessica Parker?

What is she: a centaur?


What is she: a centaur?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I mean, to be honest op, people who work on farms, or any place really, do chores at any time of a day. Having a full day schedule sometimes makes it hard to be done by 6 or 7. I know people who go nonstop until 8 at night.

she forgot to wash the unicorn's hair early

naw... she's the headless horseman.

No, she's just a really terrible liar. That or she's dedicated to her horses.

Well, she might have a horse!

The_9th_Doctor 18

did you arrange a date with Sarah Jessica Parker?

Very good. You win a cookie.

reveal 10

probably for the best

blcksocks 19

Yeah OP will find another date.. In a few years

Putting a horse before you or as #1 said doesn't deserve can do better...

I have to say, nice picture.

So you put everyone that you just met above your pets?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#4, I'd put my horse before anyone if she were sick or injured. (I know the FML says nothing about that, I'm just saying).

JE553 9

I'm pretty sure OP was trying to say washing your horses hair would not take so long that they would not be able to make a 9:30pm date, thus making #4's point valid

stewpididiot 11

Are you calling OP a cart ???

Lol we match...

I agree with that statement...maybe a follow up will reveal more...

At least someone understands...

I treat all of my animals like my children, and if any guy tried to put himself above them he would be OUT.

I've dated guys like you... it's really disturbing. I had to get out. I don't think you will have any succesful relationships...

Just like the dictionary says: Horse before husband.

75 - Future (or present?) crazy-cat-lady.

threer 30

Crazy-horse-lady . She loves to ride as much as crazy-cat ladies pamper their pussies. :::;)

As the saying goes, the stick of poverty is owning a horse. If a woman put an animal before me, see ya!

Don't let that get you down OP. Keep smiling and move on...

I have to assume "wash the horse's hair" is a euphemism for masturbation. I hadn't heard that one before.

I thought that too. I wonder if “decient" is also a euphemism?

christinatabor 3

she's got a little to much hair on her?

It could be that, you sir, are an ass.

Dammit, I downvoted before I got the pun. :( At least I hope that's a pun.

regardless she's the ass. it was his first date in YEARS. what a night-mare

Well, I wouldn't use the fact that it was the first date in years to date someone. That sounds more like a pity date, and I wouldn't want to do that for someone, or have it done to me.

Or maybe it's because he can't spell "decent" the right way.

olpally 32

That's the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. What a bitch.

I've heard worse...

olpally 32

She's a cunt bag.

And you're a grumpypants. Cheer up. :-)

You need to step your dating game up. It seem like you're doing something wrong if you haven't had a date in years.