By neuroticallyours - 12/11/2009 07:11 - United States

Today, I told my boyfriend how happy I was with him. He responded by pulling down his pants and slapping his ass. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. FML
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it probably means "kiss my ass"


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GUY TRANSLATION...... A) He thinks your a pain in the ass. YDI B) He doesnt give a shit what you think. FYL C) He wants you to slap his ass and ride him like a pony. WIN +2 O and im SECONED!!! thankyou

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ahahahah I ****** love guy translations. +stop whining and women get on his horse!

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Are you kidding #1 this guy is hilarious!! God forbid guys should be silly.

you FAIL. you're not're #17

Trigger: Your boyfriend pulls his pants down and slaps his ass. Possible Actions: -Ask him to explain. -Post the minor confusion on FML. Yeah, fair enough.

Yeah, no kidding. And minor confusion = MLIA, really... And based on the OP's responses, this definitely deserves MLIA. "Well he was just being random" absolutely rings it should be removed as an FML.

ROFL, he probably just had a really big bee sting or something on his ass...

In my native country, this is a sign that he is preparing to kill you and to use your body for sexual purposes... if you made him a sammich later that day, an action common to American women (and rightfully so!), you may have unknowingly accepted to allow him to fulfill his wish

Get a ******* life, the girl isn't moaning and I doubt she'll appreciate anyone telling her to "Get on his horse". Grow up.

I sort of agree, it could have been some form of a sex joke! Maybe it has something to do with pride. it's seems more like just a way to show off that he knows he's good. Guys are like that, I see no problem here!

yesss MLIA has successfully infiltrated FML >_> good work agent 89 you have completed your mission in record time!!

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it probably means "kiss my ass"

ToxicMoon 0 boyfriend did the same thing. I don't know why either.

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ahh...the mind of a man...idiotic yet awesome

it's more the old phrase "well smack my ass and call me (noun)" he was surprised to be appreciated.

I think it means that he's mentally incapacitated and that it's time to move on.

YDI for picking a boyfriend with an obvious lack of intelligence.

neuroticallyours 0

and your basing your theory and what exactly? is everyone with an odd sense of humor or way of showing affection unintelligent? yay, for you showing your ignorance though! (that was also sarcasm, in case you think that's unintelligent too)

OP - I don't think you're doing yourself any favours by responding to everyone's posts here. FMLs are meant to be funny - you don't need to justify your life to anyone. In fact, you may just be helping along the increased negativity people are viewing your post with. People comment here with what amused them about the FML, and aren't expecting an argument with the OP about exactly why their comment how their comment does not relate to the OP's life.

"Hahahaha, i slap myself on da butt! Bwhahaha i poo-poo out here. Look at me, i'm da best horse in da entire world. Hahahahahaha butt and poo-poo." Yeah, ass-slapping isn't the most intelligent form of humour. But YDI for not knowing what an self-inflicted ass-slapping means after being told your loved.

yes because doing something probably just to be funny is a definite sign of a lack of intelligence. you must have a boring as shit taste in guys

boycrazy30007 12

She never said anything negative. I'm pretty sure she posted this as a wtf moment.

Why didn't you ask him what it meant? Did the scene somehow just end there? Or did he walk off? In which case, I think you have your answer.

lol exactly my thought. obviously you should ask him what it meant, if you're unsure. then, problem solved. i didn't realize minor confusion equated to an FML these days.

neuroticallyours 0

Minor confusion is not the reason for the FML but rather his response was. I put that in as an afterthought, and for everyone wondering what it meant, it was just a joke, plain and simple, he's not retarded, just random as ****.

Ya i totaly agree its not an FML unless it totaly ended there. i hate these people that post things that are like unfinished stories

I guess it might mean he's only happy sexually and he thought you would give him some since you want to make him happy. Or just the latter. Just tell him how you honestly feel about sexual stuff, if that bothered you then you should let him know.

hahaha this really made me laugh! i'm gonna say FYL, but if i were you i wouldn't look to much into it. many guys react this way when faced with emotional talk and feelings. i know its immature but still not a reason to break it off with him like some pple are sayin :)

This is not an FML. So what if your bf is unusual? If you can't deal with that, leave.