By Aaron Lewis - 07/07/2012 05:01 - United States - Topeka

Today, I bumped into a man on the street. I apologized and he picked up his wallet. To clear the awkward silence, I pointed out that his wallet looked like mine. It wasn't until I was on the next street that I realized it was my wallet. FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

You poor, naive, innocent soul. ...What a lucky pickpocket.

HonestTruth 5

I have no words besides these: Look at my avatar.


hahasooo 2

We are all clearly not that bright..hint hint to OP.

JKr3slEMO 5

I probably would've went on stalker mode to get it back..

TheFamilyElf 17

You poor, naive, innocent soul. ...What a lucky pickpocket.

Sort of a nice guys finish last scenario. It sucks to see kind people get taken advantage of. :/

citymayer 7

That is the most important thing I learned in France. Don't let strangers touch you. Ever.

37: Yes, once they manage to grab you they stick their tongue down your throat.

Keep your wallet in your front pocket in busy places. And maybe your hand in that pocket too.

SenselessPattern 12

And if you're really unlucky in France, you'll be taken and sold as a sex slave in an underground market run by Armenians. Hopefully you have a dad with a particular set of skills.....

citymayer 7

It's worse than that! They try to sell you little string bracelets! (so their buddy's can easily spot you and steal your stuff later on)

daisiebud 18

He probably laughed his head off

dixiefoxx 22

I hope you get your wallet back.

I find it unlikely...not impossible, but unlikely.

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah, I know. That was one of my worst comments, forgive me.

MyaaBayyBee 6

Well he has no money now, so he can't pay anything.

KM96 24

15 - it is called a pun / play with words ... A joke ... Or do you not grasp this ?

dixiefoxx 22

18, I don't think number 15 quite grasps it, that's all.

asoptavlo14 6

I don't think 15 grasps much of anything, really.

You aren't exactly the brightest crayon in the box..

Airman1988 9

or the sharpest knive in the knive set, start the anologies now!

Everyone has those duhh moments though. The 'can't find my glasses oh I'm wearing them' kind haha

trippythehippy 6

Ever get the feeling that some people are just wasting oxygen that YOU may need later in life??

He's not the sharpest axe on the chopping block.

Better cancel credit cards if there are any...

xStaciexLynnx 15

Pretty sure that wallet is not being returned and cancellation/ renewal fees are about to be the least of OP's worries.

TheFamilyElf 17

I know I always keep awkward photos of myself in my wallet. Who doesn't?

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah, like, what if the OP had credit cards in his wallet? Oh, and I know, right, 9?

HonestTruth 5

I have no words besides these: Look at my avatar.

Don't you ever dare to change it in the future!