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Today, I told my boyfriend I loved him. He responded by fist pumping. FML
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She loves me? This calls for FIST PUMPING! AWW YEAH!


She loves me? This calls for FIST PUMPING! AWW YEAH!

That is a genuine expression of celebration.

Could have been worse.. he could of cried in misery.

61- Or he could've just replied with a "thank you". Instantly friend-zoned

I'd laugh. :P This site needs a "Your life doesn't suck" button.

Yeah, this site does need a "Your life rocks" button

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29- I can only imagine that comment in Pauly D's voice :D

120 - I think we all agree with that.

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awesome!!! woo woo woo you know it :)

Maybe what he was really saying was "awesome, now I can finally try anal fisting" .

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In what world is this a positive reaction? A proper talk where he explains why he can't say it back yet, would still be better. But it might have just been an awkward moment where he didn't know what to say! Happens to the best of us

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Maybe OP could tie her boyfriend's hands behind his back and then try it again lol

Not really. Could you explain it to me please?

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fist pumping is a manual celebration of excitement, usually done by extending the hand up, making a fist, and pulling down rapidly. This is not to be confused with fisting, which would have been most inappropriate, had OPs boyfriend done that instead.

I think you're confusing fist pump for fist bump...

Crazydude - if you don't even know what fist pumping is, why the mini rant on how it's an inappropriate form of expression?

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"This is not to be confused with fisting, which would have been most inappropriate, had OPs boyfriend done that instead." Well, in *some* circles that would be considered appropriate.

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I think that's just his initial reaction. He's a guy and just nervous I'm sure he will say it back to you one of these days.

Quick que you should dump him comments!

This is almost as romantic as taking you girlfriend to burger king for your 3 year aniversary.

He's just a little excited to hear you say that.

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I think it's cute. If my boyfriend did that I would take or as a positive.

If I had a boyfriend and my boyfriend did that I'd be excited.

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Sucks to date douche bags.....

yeah because unbuttoned shirts aren't douchey

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Wait you guys mean wearing my shirt unbuttoned, taking a classic MySpace mirror pic, and putting my phone # on FML makes me a douche??? Awwww man :(

If you ask me,6 is really smart! If some "nerd" came on here saying that same thing, we'd brush it off because he may be jealous. But 6... He's been to the dark side, he's giving us a serious warning.

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Before reading the other comments, I clicked on your profile and thought "douchey". Then I saw the numbers... but I had no clue what they were until I read it in the replies.

Wait, I thought the unbuttoned shirt look meant he was gay? All gay guys I see wear their shirt half way unbuttoned...

95- That is one special position to stand in...

Actually it's not an unbuttoned shirt. It's a jacket that's unzipped, and he's just not wearing a shirt underneath, which makes it waaaay less douchey. :/

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Somebody should call! I call not it.

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Yeah like wearing an unzipped sweater and giving your number out on fml isn't douchy at all... -.-

Maybe that's his way of saying "i love you too, baby"

Love is love. Except when it's a fist pump.

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#74 - A fist pump is the ultimate and best way to show how you have achieved greatness in any circumstance.

eastsidesoldier 7

Oh lol I feel old now hahaha:/

Oh come on. People incapable of coherent speech need love too.

I want to punch people whenever they fist pump or say "yeah buddy" or "yeah man"

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Then he is not for real or has a problem with emotions.

Every time I see one of your comments, it's always the one thumbed down. >_> I wonder why...

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11: Why? People express emotions differently. Maybe he was overwhelmed and couldn't think of a proper response.

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At least my comment isn't as bad as the douche bag comment. And my bf did something similar I empathize.