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Today, I told a girl that she had very pretty eyes. I then had to rinse pepper spray from my own. FML
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What a bitch. At least you were being kind :) sorry to hear about your eyes

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I guess you didn't see eye to eye.


What a bitch. At least you were being kind :) sorry to hear about your eyes

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If a girl complimented a guy and got pepper sprayed, the dude would probably get arrested for assault.

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Next time tell her that she has ugly eyes. That bitch needs to know how to take a compliment.

The first thing my boyfriend ever said to me was "wow, your eyes are very pretty" and we've been together for almost 4 years now. Granted she may have thought you were being extra creepy, but that's still no reason to crack out the mace. Sorry, OP :(

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We don't know the whole story... sometimes guys can be creepy about it. Sure I get compliments about my hair or smile, followed by guys putting their hands on me or creepy smiles and it's uncomfortable. Sorry you went through that OP, but sometimes it can be easy to take things the wrong way

69 - I'm imagining the story went like this: The OP was riding the bus when he notices the girl with the pretty eyes. He stares at her, longing to tell her how pretty her eyes are. All the while, he's finding ways to scoot closer and closer to tell her exactly how he feels. Once her stop comes up, he realizes he hasn't told her how pretty her eyes were so he decides to follow her off the bus. By now, she is nervously looking back at the guy following her, silently staring. She gets so scared that she tries to get him off her tail by running down an alleyway. The OP decides this is the perfect moment to give her his grand compliment and right as he's mustered up the courage to tell her, he gets pepper sprayed. That's how I think it went at least.

This is why chivalry is dying. Girls most of the time respond to the "hey want a beer?" guys who ultimately end up being douche bags. The guys like me who go for the whole making a girl feel good about herself, you know, the way that usually shows the guy really cares, usually get shot down because girls think they are among the few who are stalkers and dangerous. Give a guy a chance, you will find a large majority of us are true gentlemen. And also I don't drink at all but I didn't mean to say with my earlier comment about the want a beer dude that all guys who drink and go to parties and offer girls drinks are bad guys. Just showing how the guys who don't do that and go directly for complimenting her(though it may be very strange with some guys, I know) are seen as the weirdos when the other is offering you alcohol, cuze nothing bad ever came from drinking right?-.-

I think this might be a case of: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."

#101 I like guys who compliment me as opposed to the intoxicated beverage offerings. But I don't get compliments, so....yeah.

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Great avatar, sens3sfailing. You're a Nice Guy. (That's not a compliment.)

What? I'm confused. Which part was the sarcasm?

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Sorry, the Nice Guy part was the satirical part. As in 'Nice Guy syndrome'. I know what I'm talking about, because I've been one. Women like confident men. Being a jerk is optional, not required.

-.- you both are jerks for assuming that women all think the same and have the same taste in men. (towards sens3sfailing and Epikouios)

101: Relax. Take a deep breath. Now remember that women are people and that, contrary to popular belief, their minds work the same way men's do. In other words, don't pretend anymore that women are some other species. Treat them the same way you'd want someone to treat you and don't expect them to react any differently than you would. Trust me.

I am very confident. I am always who I am and if girls don't like the person I really I am then they can **** off because then I don't want to be around them myself. I am very complimentary person, and I always show confidence in the person I am. It's not a "nice guy syndrome" it's a I like to compliment girls in a non awkward way as seen by me which does not encompass going up to a stranger, staring at her, complimenting her, and staring more. I get to know them and if a topic on which I can bring up something I like about them happens to be the focal point of said conversation, then I will compliment them and let the conversation go on. I'm just saying how girls seem to have a history of friend zoning guys like this. It's their choice, I'm just sharing my opinion, take it or leave it, I couldn't care less.

140- okay, stop, remember i am a competent human being and that you know nothing of my life. I know plenty of girls who do not fit the norm I described, my best friend being a girl like this, so is my ex and also my current girlfriend. I am very popular with girls who I get along with. I was expressing my point of view in a general tone because this is not the place for a thesis on human behavior. I understand the huge variations in personality types for everyone, and as I said before, I was expressing my opinion and if you disagree that's fine, I honestly think I would hate it if a lot of people agreed with me. Different views make the world beautiful and exciting. So thank you for your input but put down the condescending tone. It doesn't look good on anybody. That is evident in the way I started my post, I see my hypocrisy and use it to show you it isn't mature.

135-you are ignorant for thinking i was talking about all girls. Where did I ever say "all girls"? I have many female friends who don't fit what i described! It was one type of girl that I was talking about that pisses me off when they have that attitude. It seriously bothers me when people forget to think about what they say and point fingers over things that were never said.

She heard "Ass" It can happen especially with accents

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Obviously she doesn't know how to accept a compliment.

Wow, talk about overreaction. Well lucky you didn’t ask for her number, you would probably have been stabbed

Next time tell her how good behavior management classes would look on her

Compliment, compliment... OP may have meant it as a compliment, but in all honesty (and speaking from experience), if you get those 'compliments' an entire day, you're quite fed up with them. If I walk with my boyfriend, there's no single guy who dares to compliment me (girls do, though). If I'm alone, I sometimes feel pretty intimitated by all the male attention, and feeling intimitated is not cool. So yeah, I understand the girl, but she took it way to far. You don't use violence for some words a random stranger spoke to you.

Honestly, no amount of unwanted compliments from males warrants being pepper sprayed. Could you imagine the epic shit storm that would follow if the FML was a girl telling a guy she thought he was hot so he sprayed her with pepper spray?

... Didn't I just say that she took it way to far? Yes, the girl is obviously in fault, I just tried to point out why she might have done it. I have felt the urge before to slap a guy in the face (but I didn't do it!). Not because he said "Hi, pretty", but because he wasn't the first twice-my-age guy to hit on me and it started to make me feel unbelievable uncomfortable and unsafe. There are times that I don't want to go outside alone because I fear to feel like a hunted animal. Not pleasant, can tell you that.

From your comments, it sounds like you must be an absolute bombshell, drop dead gorgeous girl, the hottest that anyone's ever seen, because you can't even go five minutes without being complimented, or "hunted". A bit full of yourself, maybe?

#67 you are delusional, yes? I don't understand how you make it out of your door with all those suitors blocking your way out...oh, those are the voices in your head? Well, you should stop talking to yourself.

I don't see why your comment got buried. There really wasn't anything wrong with it. I, too, think the girl overreacted, but I can see why it would get annoying after awhile always having strangers trying to talk to you when you're not sure what their motives are. I get a lot of unwanted male attention, just because I'm an ethnic minority in my area and also a singer in two local bands. I usually just ignore it, since I'm shy and I also don't always know which ones are just trying to be nice and which ones are sleazy. And I have also had men who refused to back off when I asked them to. So I can see why the girl may have been uncomfortable. But I also don't think the OP did anything wrong. It's unfortunate we live in a society where the creeps ruin things for the "nice" people.

#93, I suppose you think you're absolutely hilarious...

...The Belgian government tries to give men who bother women on the streets fines/penalties/amercements (I don't know what's the proper word), because recent surveys show that too many women are afraid when walking alone, even on broad daylight. But go on, push the 'do not like'-button some times more, I'm just a silly girl who likes to brag about all those imaginary creeps who whistle, wink, stare, give remarks, want to go out/drink/have sex with me, try to look under my skirt when I'm riding a bike, touch my ass... etc.

Mom: honey congrats on your A in math Girl:* starts looking for the chainsaw

I think what DjeePee is trying to say isn't that she's so hot she has hot guys complementing her all the time. She means she gets unwanted attention from perverts. That is not a delusional thing to think because it is not unlikely. There are two kinds of looks a man can give a woman, and the first is just a look. The second makes her want to scrub herself all over with a lot of soap, and it's not uncommon. You don't need to downvote her because she isn't talking about all guys and she might not mean you at all.

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133 - I was just going to say something along those lines. She must think she's gods gift to men, and her standards are out of whack That's ok, I'd prefer a woman with a personality, rather than a woman who thinks her shit doesn't stink.

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#44 no she didn't it's an app ahha if it's like that then I met him too cus I have the same exact picture except my face lmao!

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I guess you didn't see eye to eye.

I don't think OP saw anything at all with the pepper spray

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One can only wonder which murder weapon she'd use if you compliment her hair.

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What would have been the reaction if you had said they were ugly? 0.o

They would have gotten married, settled down, and had two kids.

There wouldn't have been an fml. OP would be dead.

Apparently, whenever I compliment a girl's eyes iris-k being pepper-sprayed in the face, how delightful.

Just be glad I didn't make an even cornea pun.

I'm terribly sorry about all this. I feel a strange urge to make puns out of everything, especially when eyebrows sites like this. It's quite a depressing condition, really. Brings me to the blink of tears sometimes.

You make me Wana kick a baby with all of those puns

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32 - Just kick yourself in the face; problem solved.

I would have loved to see this go down. OP: Hey I just wanted to let you know you have very beautiful eyes Girl: WHAT?! CREEP! *pepper spray*

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Optometrist: "You have very pretty eyes, I will see you aga..OH GOD, IT BURNS!"

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And that is what you call a bitch. I love getting compliments from people. No need to bring out the pepper spray.

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And I'm sure you get plenty- you are absolutely gorgeous from the looks of your profile picture...

Ahhh ha ha ha. ! I should have proof read that one! Sorry 7. Meant pretty. Not sure how shitty got in there.

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Some women just can't take compliments without thinking a guy is hitting on her..... Or maybe she had a traumatic past and is scared of everyone... She could very possibly have bad social anxiety.

Or maybe this guy was a little to close to her.. We all have boundaries and maybe he crossed them. He might have been a stalker, theirs more to this story..

While I doubt that OP was a stalker, I am willing to accept he MAY have overstepped some boundaries and MAY have come across as slightly creepy. I'm only saying this because getting pepper sprayed for complimenting someone isn't usual behaviour, but I guess even if he as or wasn't creepy pepper spray is still an over reaction, he was just complimenting her.

She shouldn't be out in public if she reacts like that!! I've seen not all but lots of women receive a compliment and they return it with verbal or physical pain.. She should be behind bars for assault!

Maybe your body language was saying something else OP?

Hilarious mental image. "Your eyes are very pretty" while humping the air.

43, you just made me choke on my food from laughing so hard. What a mental image

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9- You're right. OP was probably just "asking for it." Maybe the way he was dressed showed that he wanted to be pepper sprayed?

Ah, that's terrible!! You compliment her, and in return she uses her pepper spray.. What has the world come to. :/