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Hi OP here. Thanks for all the supportive comments. I got my mum to go in and complain to my school but they kept insisting that 'rules are rules.' So maybe bless you secretly means the answer is C but I will certainly never bless anybody when they sneeze in the middle of an exam again.
By blemarooney / Friday 1 May 2015 23:34 / Ireland - Dublin
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  lexa1love  |  16

Ehh idk, the westboro baptist church seems to condemn just about everybody to hell. I'm religious and found his comment funny, but I wouldn't consider myself a freak either.

  redstone7693  |  29

I read an FML recently where these two kids were both given zeros on a test because they were both sniffling and the teacher thought they were "speaking in code" hahaha ridiculous.

By  ApplePie1994  |  27

Well, remember the mix up a few years ago where they handed out the second paper for higher level English by a mistake? This would not be the first derp caused by examiners in this country.

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