By Lauraborealous - 05/09/2012 18:27 - Canada - Lloydminster

Today, I'm so broke that I hand-washed my socks with a bar of soap that I stole from work. FML
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for those saying that I should have stolen laundry soap or similar, i work at a restaurant, this wouldn't be possible

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For some people it's cheaper to have a cell phone then a house phone. We NEED phones to call for help and have people easily get In contact with us, it just depends on what type you get.


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No, 17, he deserves it for stealing. Never okay. Even if you're broke. Sorry. Edit: Was the comment deleted? Whoops. Either way, I stand by what I said.

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I hope you have truly been there and not just talking like Ann Romney

I've yet to be there and probably never will be.

So where does all the money you earn go?

Seems like someone is living beyond their means. Swallow your pride and drop a few notches.

Really? Wow how is this all negatives? I'm probably going to have all thumbs down for saying all the ppl that thumbed that down are probably middle class to high class white young adults lmao. But gotta say most people have gone through that shit. It sucks but you gotta survive. It's a cold world out there.

#89: I started a new job almost a month ago. They told me to expect my first paycheck in October. Believe me, I feel OP's pain. I'm not living beyond my means, I'm just trying to survive. :)

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89 - Or they've suffered health problems without insurance, support elderly parents, suffer from crushing student loan debt, or any number of things that cause difficult financial situations. Here, let me give you a jump to conclusions doormat for your next comment so that you can more easily blame someone's troubles on a lack of personal responsibility.

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Not to mention that minimum wage isn't enough to raise a family on.

93, no most people in fact have not been there. To assume only white adults can be successful is why shit like racism still exists.

88- There, my friend, is something I'd like to call bills.

Seriously why does this have so many dislikes? 26 privileged people that get things handed to them is why.

You live in Alberta!! Tons of great paying jobs here... you just have to look. You will get back on your feet!! (assuming you fell off them)

I realized it would seem to some that I tried at a pun on my last comment... pun was definitely not intended :P

TheDrifter 23

169, very true. With all the jobs available here we have a hard time feeling sorry for financial woes. Minimum wage is $9.70 an hour and you can find a bachelor apartment in any city in the province for under $550 a month, utilities included. Unless it's new job (waiting for pay) broke, there are very few good reasons to be so short on cash you have to steal.

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When money is that tight, that's when you swallow your pride and move back in with your parents.

Once again, ask the community before you speak on their behalf

126, that's is the new mentality the have nots are trying to force feed the nation. If you worked hard and became successful, give it to me so I don't have to work. To feel better about this they assume everything is given to people since they certainly don't know how to work for it.

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216 - There's zero problem with being successful, but the system shouldn't be designed to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. And both parties are guilty of pandering to millionaires and billionaires.

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then maybe one shouldn't have started a family, unless he is fond of the idea of staving children and a bitching wife! If a person isn't capable of making a decent living then

He stole soap to wash his socks if he didn’t keep his clothes/body clean then he would lose his job putting him in an even worse position then he was yeah stealing is wrong but sometimes the means justify the end

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For some people it's cheaper to have a cell phone then a house phone. We NEED phones to call for help and have people easily get In contact with us, it just depends on what type you get.

Seriously? Why do people say this on every broke FML? You don't buy a new phone every day, genius! Plus, I guess you've never heard of public libraries or stuff like that?

Master of puppets. Greatest album ever. By the greatest band. OP, Way to improvise.

How the hell is this still getting likes?

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You have a job and you're broke? FAKEEEE.

Hey genius, ever heard of low paying jobs?

Im confused. The FML does not mention a phone. Or are you assuming they sent the FML from a phone?

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I have a job and I get paid bi-weekly and I don't even make enough to pay for my car insurence. Well I do but I don't have much left over. OP probably has bills and stuff to pay for.. Bills are not cheap. Just saying. Anyways. Sorry to hear that OP..

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40 In addition to what 43 said there is a thing called bills, which is probably why op's is broke.

#38: I'm not sure how relevant it is on a website, but there is a psychology behavior called "The Chameleon Effect." This behavior describes the unconscious mimicry of humans with other humans. Perhaps that is why people tend to vote on comments due to popularity and a desire to fit in? Anyway, it makes one think. :)

Hey guys, it's a website called **** My Life, made to laugh at the expense of others. Stop having philosophical, money and moral debates. Please.

Who dies and made you King of the Comment section?

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#71: If the comments were relegated to joking comments, there would just be a few: Ohh, sux for you!!! lol Doesn't matter, had sex (insert your chosen profanity)! hahahahahaha you deserve it, you idiot See where I'm going with this?

DictatorDom - I just reread the posting rules and the site FAQ, and nowhere does it say anything about philosophical debates or serious comments being forbidden. This is the "comment" section, not the "say stupid shit" section. Until the Mighty FML Deity proclaims that serious comments are verboten, we will continue to make them and you'll continue to see them. tl;dr your a idiot lololol etc etc

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people come to starbucks and use free internet ALL day so suck it

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I agree with 76. If you don't like it then don't read it. Simple as that.

Holy shit guys, I was just saying how many comments I see that end up being deep debates, I didn't mean to upset you guys

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Dictator you already did so its best that you leave before we have to sink your ship with downvotes. Just kidding it didn't piss me off. It just made me want to punch you.

Chances are he doesn't have a cell phone and if he does it is probably not a fancy ******* smartphone. And dictator just ******* leave you are not the god of fml.

jarockstar27, apparently you never heard of the "pay as you go" plans, Metro PCS or seen the prices of those bulky flip phones or other cheap cell phone carriers.

FML is a website, too. It was actually a website far before it was an app. So the author of this FML might not have posted this from a phone.

I am usually broke, have a job and a fully loaded plan for my iPhone. Why? Because I wasn't always broke and signed a 3 year contract. Even though I can't really afford $100 a month for a phone, I have no choice as the etf is far more.

You could try using detergent or something..

Because the issue here is that OP doesn't know about the existence of detergent, not that he can't afford it of course...

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86, the parents could've been asshole trolls and named their son Laura...

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Shouldn't you use the money you've been paying for your phone with and maybe buy your very own bar of soap?

You are aware of pay as you go phones with a free limited internet allowance, right? That's what I'm using and its not costing me a penny.

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You're delving into this too much.

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Then maybe he should realize he doesn't need Internet.

Maybe he does. You don't know his life other than the fact he hit hard times

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both of my parents could not do their jobs without a computer or internet

Maybe OP is in college and needs net and such for work, and the rest of the money goes to bills. I lived off Ramen noodles and sadly had to swipe TP from work when I was in college.. So I do understand to an extent. Thankfully, some people can use their parents washing machines on weekends, or I'd of had to do this, too. :(

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Could you live without a phone??

You are aware that this was originally, and still is, a website? Which he can access with a computer and a wireless network?

This is so annoying -_- First of all, you don't even know for sure that OP has a phone! They could be using a computer in a library or a friend's phone etc. A phone is something everybody in today's society needs! You need it to call or text people to tell them something important, call for help, maybe OP even needs it for work! Come back when you've gone for a week without a phone, then we'll see how unnecessary they are.

I go for weeks at a time without my cell phone.

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At least you have a job.... So you can only go up from there :)

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OP just needs to get off her meth addiction.

OP can go to a local public fountain and pick up all the coins. I guarantee you could a good 10-20 dollars in there.

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59- so now poor people are on meth? Nice.

minorcrisis 8

53- true, but I mean long as she continues to do well at her job, she shouldn't lose it. Therefore, she can only continue to earn more money and hopefully save up enough to buy her own soap.

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But you're able to have Internet whether it be on your phone or computer? I understand we all have those rough patches but you need to get your priorities straight

Or maybe its the fact that they went to a public library to use the computer there -_-

#8, I consider cleanliness a priority, and imagine you would want your co-workers to, also. OP can make this up by bringing a nice bar of soap to work when she's over the rough patch.

BeRealB 4

I see your sly little attempt at calling me an idiot. Websites require Internet. If he has free time to go somewhere with free Internet he has time to work so he can get some damn soap

peve3 12

Not everybody wants to work ALL the time. We all need some hours off. As stated before by many others, he could be in college using the library, thus the Internet.

133- it wasn't a "sly" attempt at calling you an idiot. It was pretty blatant.

You are an idiot. It clearly says OP works, hence "...soap that I stole from work. FML,". And your average work hours for a full time job is usually 40 hours a week. Out of the 168 hours in a week, you have 128 free hours on average, not including overtime. Plenty of time to use the internet. Once again, idiot.

133 It's not the fact that he has no time to get soap, it'd the fact that he has no money for it!

BeRealB 4

Congrats 146 you have just passed 3rd grade math. Name calling really? Lol I'm hurt. I hope you were able to get some good trolling in before mommy kicks you off the computer. PS what's a load of laundry cost at a laundromat these days.. 1$ in quarters?

#167: It's not name-calling, if it's true. Just sayin'.

BeRealB 4
BeRealB 4

Right. Because I'm the obvious troll in this thread. *rolls eyes and chortles*

Bro, you've been proven wrong by half a dozen of people, give it a ******* break. Go back to under your bridge, you sound butthurt.

I'll just say that, even though cleanliness is a priority, Internet access has become a sort of necessity, to an extent at least. My boyfriend couldn't apply for a short term loan for college by paper, he needed to do it all online. And all of my sister's, mom's, and my homework for college is all online as well. Paying bills is also easier online (though you can argue that you can also use a telephone). What I'm trying to say is that maybe he needs the internet for school, work, whatever so saying that he is absurd for paying for Internet when he's already tight on money is a little harsh. He could always use the library, yes, but what happens when it's late or a holiday and it's closed? It's a better investment to find a cheap Internet package than to rely only on libraries or even the wifi hotspots of public places.

Well on Sundays they are still closed and what if there was a paper due? Suppose someone had homework and papers due for different classes and with all of the work (and no procrastinating, of course) the student still had to work on their paper at nighttime when the library has closed. Heck, in high school I had papers that took me hours to complete and I finished around 11 o'clock at night and later. Like I said, it's hard to rely on public places for Internet because many things can pop up and it's best to have Internet that you control.

And using my boyfriend as an example again, he went to the financial aid office at his college to apply for a loan. He ran out of time of trying to save enough for tuition and just decided on getting the loan. He waited for hours only to be told that he couldn't do it on paper; he could only do it online; they told him around 8 o'clock at night. He had to go home and try to figure out a way (my parents ended up helping him pay) but it was 10 o'clock by the time everything was decided. No public place was open and if he didn't pay by midnight, he would lose all of his classes and would miss this semester. But, luckily we had Internet and we were able to do it before time ran out.

BeRealB is probably just some spoiled little 12 year old whose daddy owns a few car dealerships so he won't have to do crap for money when he's older. Well, BeRealB, here's some news for you, daddy had to work for the money to support your family, ******.


True.. But i guess you gotta do, watcha gotta do... Unless you get in deepshit for doing something utterly stupid. Like stealing a bar of soap from ur fucken work.

OP, some people can't afford food.. shelter.. the necessities but still FYL but remember, after a hurricane comes a rainbow! -Katy perry :)

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

After a hurricane comes a lot of broken houses, many injured people, and in some very unfortunate cases - casualties. I definitely did not know that after that a rainbow appears. "Let's all ignore this mayhem and stare at that rainbow!" "YEAH!"

Ah, Katy Perry! So much quoting material fitting to every situation, from such a great lyricist... Now go kiss a girl, might help prevent you from writing absurdities online.

Easy for a millionaire like, Katy Parry to say.

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Just wondering if you're that broke what kind of job do you have?

Even minimum wage pays a decent amount of money. If I'm not mistaken, MW is $7.25. That SHOULD be enough for some soap. Of course, we don't know the circumstances of OP's life, so who knows how many other bills she has to pay.

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#131- Are you serious? "Minimum wage pays a decent amount of money". Think about this, $7.25/hr x 40hrs is $290.00 a week. Multiply that by 4 weeks in a month, you get $1160.00. Sounds good right? Now, taxes take 30% off the top right away. $1160.00 divided by 30% leaves only $822.00. Say $450.00 a month for rent, that leaves you with about $372.00 a month. Give yourself just $6.00 a day for food, (three meals at only $2.00 per meal) thirty days in a month x $6.00 = $180.00. That leaves us at $192.00 a month. Say $60.00 for electricity/gas, $30.00 for phone service, and $55.00 for a bus pass (Because you sure as hell can't afford a car and insurance on minimum wage). That leaves us with $47.00 a month. Now everybody needs some kind of escape, so let's get cable t.v. as our only source of entertainment every month. In my area the cheapest cable package is $39.99 a month. So that leaves us with a whopping $2.00 a month in case anything happens. Oh wait, we forgot our bar of soap. It cost's $2.29. Well FML!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the $5.00 for laundry to do one load of clothes at the laundry mat every two weeks.

You really researched into this to prove a point on FML, didn't you.

Yes, minimum wage isn't much. I'm aware of that. I also never implied or mentioned that minimum wage jobs will cover ALL your bills because I KNOW they most likely won't. But, considering it's MINIMUM wage, 7.25 is still pretty damn decent. Some other countries don't even have minimum wage.